Thursday, May 24, 2012

Song and Dance

I like singing.

Yesterday, I was in a Broadway state of mind so I spent some time in my bathroom (best acoustics in the house) singing my favorite Broadway standards.  (Yes, I'm weird like that)  Some days, I sing songs from Joss Whedon musicals but yesterday was all about Broadway.  I ran through my favorite numbers from Miss Saigon, Les Miserables and Chess before managing a near perfect (or so I think) rendition of "Gimme Gimme" from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.  If you're unfamiliar with this song, here's a clip of Sutton Foster signing it on the now defunct Rosie O'Donnell Show:

Anyway, I find it to be damn hard to sing well so any day where I can come close to mastering this song is a good day.  And yesterday was one of those days.  I'll admit I did screw up the final note some but only because I didn't have enough oxygen going into it.  (The trouble's always in the details.)

I used to sing a lot in high school and during my first four years of college. (I was on the six year plan. That's what you get when you don't declare a major and stick with it, kids!)  Then I fell out of performing because the classes I needed for my degree (you know, the one I don't use) conflicted with my singing opportunities.  So I stopped singing.

And once you stop singing on a regular basis, you can't just jump back into it.  It's kind of like running.  Or so I imagine because I'm a crap runner.  You can train and be able to run a marathon or a 5k or whatever but then, when you stop running on a daily basis, you can't expect to be able to run those 26 miles five years later just because you feel like it.  (insert writing metaphor here)

So I'm trying to get back to my fighting weight, if you will.  I miss being able to belt out all those songs and I'd like to be able to do it again.  Plus, it's a great new way for me to procrastinate on that whole writing thing I'm supposed to be doing (one scene more, I swear!).

Another way I shall be procrastinating will be in front of my television tonight when my favorite summer show, So You Think You Can Dance returns.  I love dance.  I do not, however, think that I can dance.  I got no rhythm (though I can sing a song that suggests otherwise...).  Or coordination.  And the only time my stance on my dancing skills changes is when I've had too many Long Island iced teas (and, sadly, when you're as much of a lightweight as I am, one Long Island iced tea is too many).  When that happens, I don't think I can dance... I know I can dance.

My favorite performances on SYTYCD come from the contemporary family.  They always seem to have the best music.  Not to mention the best tortured love story lines.  Yep, that's right.  No one will ever accuse me of being Little Miss Sunshine.

So I'm going to close today's blog with a clip of one of my favorite tortured souls dance routines from the show.  It's done to Sara Bareilles's song "Gravity" which just so happens to be a part of my unofficial Effigy soundtrack:

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a scene to finish.  Or some songs to sing. I haven't decided which... Until next time, all.


  1. I loved "Thoroughly Modern Millie" with Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore - I remember it.
    I also have a penchant of walking around my Athens (Greece) apartment singing songs from a "Chorus Line", thoroughly confusing my Greek neighbours.

    Keep up the work!


  2. Haha, I do a similar thing with the soundtrack from Hairspray! :D

  3. You speak to my own personal life cause. You're absolutely right, if you don't use it you lose it - though not irrevocably. Get out there and sing! Join a church choir. Buy a song book. Take voice lessons. Crank up the tunes in the bathroom. Whatever. Singing is good for you - mind, body and spirit. Sing on!

  4. I've still got my moves and with you singing perhaps we can get a show going. :) SYTYCD sure does have some awesome dancers. I'm also a fan of America's Best Dance Crew.

  5. Keep singing in the bathroom - it will eventually come back to you.

  6. you are cracking me up!

    i keep in practice by singing at church =O laaaa!

  7. @S.L- I'd say "me too!" but you already know I do.

    @Bex- Well, all my windows and doors were open yesterday so there's an excellent chance I confused all my neighbors too.

    @Kyra- I've never taken on Hairspray. I'll have to check it out.

    @Armchair- Thanks!

    @Melissa- It could be a song and dance extravaganza!

    @Alex- That's the plan.

    @Tara- A church choir is the one choir type I've never been a part of. Better to avoid lightning strikes that way...

  8. Genesis wrote that song for me, "I Can't Dance." Nope, not me. My wife wishes that weren't true, but it is. We know, because we've tried.


  9. i love to go around the house singing too and love the musicals---keep on singing and dancing!

  10. The lobby of the post office in Pella IA has pretty good singing acoustics. Not that I ever used to sing there late at night when I wasn't doing my homework for the college degree I don't use.

  11. I was on the six-year plan too! (Although, it wasn't due to changing majors.)