Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are You Writing Now?

Are You Writing Now? is a group I stumbled across during my A to Z wanderings this past month.  Its purpose is accountability.  Each member sets writing goals at the beginning of each month.  At the end of the month, we blog about how well we did with our goals.  Did we accomplish what we set out to do— that sort of thing.  Since I am still working on the goals I set for myself in January, I thought I might give AYWN a try.

So this is my first official AYWN post.

My goals this month are simple: (Ha.  I'm pretty sure I said that back in freaking January but here I am saying it again. Some people— namely me— never learn.)  FINISH THE REWRITES AND EDITS FOR EFFIGY.  They've been hanging on for far too long and I need to be done with it.

In more detail, there are three post it note corrections remaining on my monitor.  Yesterday, there were five.  This would mean that I have, in fact,  made progress.  It's been so long since that's happened I'd forgotten what it felt like.  Now I just need to make a little bit more progress.  Hope that's not pushing my luck.

Here's what's on the three remaining post-it notes:

1.  Chapter Thirteen needs finishing.  There are two scenes still unfinished.  One needs a unifying thread.  The other needs... well, pretty much everything as it's only two sentences.  And the last two sentences of the scene at that.  My writing process is weird.  I know this.

2.  There's a fight scene in Chapter Fifteen that may contain some POV switches and general lameness.  I need to make sure neither of those things are actually there.

3.  There's another fight scene in Chapter Sixteen that needs a new opening because the current one is beyond lame.  It's just plain dumb.  But in my defense, that's only because of changes made in Chapters Twelve and Thirteen.

So that's my goal.  Finish those damn edits and rewrites.  If I can get rid of the last post-it notes from my monitor by the end of the month, I will be... well, shocked but happy.  Very, very happy.


  1. You're notes are awesome. Mine are usually way more vague... "Insert something awesome here, so maybe someone will want to read it."

    Keep plugging away. That seems like an awesome group.

  2. I love this - "general lameness." Oh, I know it well. :)

    I signed up for Story a Day this month. The goal is to write 31 stories but it's okay to modify a bit so my goal is to write 23 stories - that's one for every weekday. And that's not counting my novel work. :o

  3. Great idea for a group! This is the first I've come across them.

    Good luck with your goals. Three is a solid number to stick with. Nice and realistic!

  4. sounds like you are on your way--great planning :)

  5. @Rusty- I've written many a note like "insert something awesome here" but I never seem to manage it...

    @Madeline- The idea of "Story A Day" frightens me. I'm in awe of anyone who attempts it.

    @Emily- Thanks... I'm so glad I got rid of the other two notes otherwise I'd have five goals. Three, I hear, is a magic number so I'm feeling good about my chances.

  6. Congratulations on finishing A to Z.

    It's good to start May with some goals like this. I too am trying my hand at finishing a second draft of my manuscript. It's been hard. Sigh.

  7. I AM ROOTING FOR YOU!!!!! (and, I accidentally commented on your other blog.) (I'm confused.)

  8. Sounds like you have a clear vision! You can do it! I can't wait to hear the update!

  9. @Michael- Thanks... congratulations to you too. And good luck finishing that second draft.

    @Lola- Thanks... You found my other blog? Most people don't.

    @J.A.- I do have a clear vision. That's about the only thing I do have. =)

  10. i know what you mean with darn editing!
    i'm about half way thru round 5? 6?
    who knows!

    i will check out that motivating site!

  11. Wow, what a great idea... will go check it out and thanks for sharing :)

  12. Oh, this is a really cool idea. I think posting about your goals will definitely help you reach them.

  13. Good luck with your rewrites! :)

  14. This is a great idea. Good luck with meeting your goals.

  15. Sounds like a cool thing to participate in. I'm working on a new WIP that I'm hoping to finish (the first draft anyway) before my baby comes (in July--so that leaves me 3 months). But I'm a slow writer, so I'll have to set goals for this one. Maybe I'll come by and visit from time to time to check on you so I'll be reminded to write, too. ;)

  16. I am write there with you! hehe. I really need to finish my edits, thankfully I have a critique partner that is encouraging me about it but lately that hasn't been enough! I so want to finish my MS! Why is it so difficult?


  17. HAPPY!
    I get panicky with goals and lists and lose sleep over trying to get them finished.

    Sounds like WAY fun, though!