Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whedon. Joss Whedon.

You may have picked up on this by now but I am completely slightly— very, very slightly— obsessed with Joss Whedon. I wrote about him on W day last year too and about a million times since. Well, all right, not a million in the strictest sense of the word but a lot. I wrote about him a lot. I write about him a lot.

But only because he's awesome.

A lot of this is going to sound exactly what I wrote last year but I can't help it. I love what this man does with story. I love how in a single 42 minute episode of something, he can make you laugh and then pull the rug out from under you and make you sob. I love that his writing is fearless and even though you might hate him for it, he'll kill not only his darlings but yours as well (RIP, Wash...). I love that he's written so many kick ass female characters. I love that he wrote a musical episode of Buffy. I love that he wrote a near silent episode of Buffy (for which he won an Emmy). I love that the Buffy season five episode, The Body, makes me cry every damn time I watch it. I love that he created freaking Firefly, for crying out loud. And I love that during the writers' strike, he created Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog (available for instant viewing on Netflix...). And then for the DVD release of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, he wrote a musical commentary to go along with it. How freaking awesome is that?

I went to see The Cabin in the Woods opening weekend because of Joss's involvement and I hate horror movies. Granted, I spent a fair amount of time with my eyes closed and my hands covering my face but I still appreciated the hell out of the writing. I'm planning to see The Avengers (along with the rest of the world) come May 4th because Joss Whedon directed it (and also because Chris Hemsworth is kinda hot).

Joss Is Boss. And if you looked at my Facebook profile, you'd see that my religion is listed as W.W.J.W.D?

Here are some of my favorite Joss quotes:

"Always remember to be yourself. Unless you suck."

"Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don't forget food. You can go a week without laughing."

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.”

“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of."

To leave you with today, I'm going to post a couple of videos. The first is an excerpt from the aforementioned Commentary! The Musical from the Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog commentary track. It's Joss's song, "Heart, Broken":

And finally, I'm going to share this gem I stumbled across on YouTube. It's a parody of the Ballad of Jayne (The Hero of Canton) done by The Bedlam Bards, a group who perhaps worships Joss Whedon and the Firefly universe even more than I do. They have a couple of Firefly inspired albums out. The first is called "On the Drift" and the other "Firefly Drinking Songs." The video below is the first selection on the "On The Drift" album. Enjoy...


  1. Once More with Feeling is probably my most favourite Buffy epsiode ever. I can't remember the near-silent one though - I'll have to investigate!

    I'm planning to see Cabin in the Woods next week - the first morning showing in the area - for exactly the same reasons as you (in the morning, because I'm bad at horror too!)

  2. I love Joss Whedon!!!!!!!!!! Those quotes are hilarious. He is awesomesauce!!!! I love those female characters too. And he's just freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh-huh.

  3. Wow I didn't even know who he was. Thanks for sharing. Love learning about other people's passions.

  4. I cannot wait to see "Cabin in the Woods." (I still don't understand how I can like horror movies and stuff like "The Walking Dead" and still be such a chicken...)

    And I love those quotes! :)

  5. Yes yes a thousand times yes. A big <3 to you for posting about him.

  6. Joss Whedon is awesome. I notice you didn't mention Dollhouse--lots of people don't like this show but I actually really enjoyed it.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  7. @Annalisa- The near silent episode is "Hush" from season four. A group of demons pays a visit to town and steals everyone's voice. It's awesome. OMWF is my favorite too.

    @Alex- Yeah, he is.

    @Robyn- Yes, I wholeheartedly agree.

    @Deena- 'Passions' is such a sane way of putting it. Thanks for that!

    @Madeline- Same here. Except for the liking horror movies part.

    @Liz- Thanks!

    @Allison- I didn't mention Dollhouse. I watched every second of it and it wasn't bad. It's just— it didn't give me those moments like the other three shows did.

  8. Man you've got me so intrigued by Firefly... I need to check it out and see what the hoopla is. And those quotes are awesome... especially the first one!!

  9. loving that quote "always remember to be yourself unless you suck"--gonna use this :)

  10. Yaaaay, Josh Whedon post. I just don't think there are words to describe what a wonderful story teller he is.

  11. a truly awe inspiring individual, so creative & talented & kick ass!

  12. Joss Whedon is one of my idols. Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible. Brilliant. I hold up my lighter as the ballad plays.

  13. This is why I need to read other people's blogs...I didn't know who this guy was, and obviously my life is probably suffering for that!

  14. I knew (and agree) with everything you wrote, except the Joss quotes. I had never heard any of the Joss quotes. I'm so ashamed.

    Now, if you don't mind, I'm off to sauté my novel.

  15. Okay, now I want to watch a Buffy episode!

    Great post about the creator behind Buffy! Loved the post!

  16. Well, you know I'm late to the party on Joss Whedon, but I'm slowly getting drunk like everyone else. Also, those quotes are pretty funny. :)

  17. Those are really fabulous quotes. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Joss is totally boss.
    "Do the dance of shame."
    And so sad about Wash. Joss killed the best character and I love him for it. =)

    I watch Buffy every summer. All seven seasons. I haven't seen the scary movie, yet, but I have plans to.


  19. I think this post last year was when I knew we'd get along :D Love love love!!

    I've never heard of The Bedlam Bards before, but I've apparently been missing out! That song was awesome! I will definitely have to look into them some more :D

  20. I love Joss Whedon. I want to marry his brain.