Saturday, April 7, 2012

Go Go Gadgets

Hello everyone. My name is M.J. and I'm addicted to gadgets.

In order to properly tell this tale, I have to back up a decade or two and really date myself. I didn't get my first email address until my sophomore year of college because before then, most people didn't have email addresses. My much more techo forward friend, Ben, convinced me to get one through the school. I resisted at first, figuring I'd never use it because I hadn't used one so far in life so why would I ever need an email address? He changed my mind when he said, "everyone else is doing it..." because I never could (and still can't) resist a good bout pf peer pressure (please note: I'm kidding). I don't remember why I relented but I did and I got my very first email address.

And then quickly became an email addict.

Next Ben showed me how to use the internet because, until then, I'd never freaking used the internet. I told him I didn't really need it and I'd probably never use it but he showed me anyway. It took me an embarassingly long time to navigate cyberspace but eventually I worked it out.

And then quickly became an internet junkie.

If you're very smart, or just marginally awake, you'll notice a pattern emerging. Me resisting the latest technology saying, "No, I don't need that. I won't use it" and then me becoming addicted to that very object/service. My sophomore year in college is when it started and it plagues me even to this day.

It's why I have a desktop, a laptop and a 10" netbook. It's why I have a Kindle. It's why I have a perfectly fine 8GB iPod and yet am considering buying another one because when I bought it, I was sure 8GB would be plenty of space only now it isn't and I find myself constantly having to make hard decisions about which songs to keep and which to cut. No one should have to make those kind of decisions. No one.

And it's why, six days ago, when I dropped my so-called smart phone, it was a small disaster in my rather pathetic little corner of the world.

Funny thing with my so-called smart phone. I didn't want it at first. I was perfectly happy with my little phone that could make calls and receive calls, take a few low megapixel pictures and send text messages. It was chic, it was adorable and it was just like the one Veronica Mars used (yes, I make all my decisions based on television shows. But only the awesome ones...). Then The Man decided to upgrade to a new phone. A smart phone. And he asked if I wanted one. I didn't. Here's how that conversation went:

Him: Want a smart phone?
Me: No, I don't need one.
Him: But you can go on the internet with it.
Me: I can go on the internet with my desktop. Or my laptop. I don't need a phone to go on the internet. I need a phone to make phone calls.
Him: You're gonna want one. Trust me.
Me: No, I really don't think I'd use it...

We'll stop there because I think, if you were paying attention earlier, you'll know what happened next.

I got a smart phone. And promptly became addicted to it to the point that when I dropped it on Sunday night and broke it to the point where all it would do was make or receive calls, it was the worst thing since low calorie sliced bread. Ever see anyone go through sudden withdrawal? That was me this week. It was pathetic. But not quite as pathetic as this exchange I had with The Man's co-worker:

Him: But how can you Tweet if your phone's broken?
Me: I still have three computers.
Him: Oh. Right.

But all's right in the world now because the new phone arrived yesterday afternoon. Its speed and intelligence far outmatches the old phone's (and mine too) but I managed to (eventually) work out how to use it. Kind of. I mean, I figured out how to get all the really important things on the phone: Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, my Dr. Horrible ringtone and my Hunger Games notification whistle.

What else do I need?

According to The Man, I need a tablet (His boss is convinced I need a tablet too. Why they spend so much time in the office discussing my gadget needs, I do not know, but there it is). The Man is even willing to let me get an iPad if that's the one I want. (This is a Big Deal because The Man is not an Apple person by any stretch of the imagination.) But I don't want an iPad. I don't want a tablet of any kind. I have gadgets o'plenty that will allow me to access my email and the internet. Blog. Read books. Save eggs from evil cartoon pigs or check Red Sox scores or listen to music or anything else I could ever want.

Why would I want something that would let me do all of that in one conveniently sized device? Where's the fun in that?

So what do you think? Are you a slave to technology? Do you think I should get a tablet? And, most importantly, did you start singing the "Inspector Gadget" theme song as soon as you saw the title of the post? Let me know...

Oh, and everyone enjoy your holiday weekend. See y'all next week.


  1. Hahaha, yes, I started singing the Inspector Gadget theme tune, and I suspect it will stay with me for the rest of the day!

    I am much the same as you when it comes to gadgets. I think I don't need them, but then I MUST HAVE them. iPad is next on my list of things I thought were stupid, but now I want. :D

  2. I want a tablet. I love my smart phone, I love my laptop, but I really need a tablet. Tell your guy to send it my way until you give in.

  3. Get the iPad!! Get the iPad!! You won't know how you even LIVED without it once you have one.

  4. I'm with Alex. An iPad will change your life :)

    I'm a bit of a gadget lover aswell - if it's shiny and has dohickeys on it then I want it.

    Fellow A-Z bloggy buddy
    Mithril Wisdom

  5. Love your wit. I'm not into gadgets because I'm afraid they'll take over my life.

  6. I do this, I say I won't need something, end up getting it, and then become addicted! :)

    Universal Gibberish

  7. Hmm, well I had the same reaction to smart phones,and I still don't use one...but I'm replying to this on my iPad, so I've been absolutely no help to you. :)

  8. I am addicted to my iphone. I used it to blog from the UK and managed pretty good whenever I could find a wi-fi connection. I realized how much I take my 3G for granted though. I shall cherish it from now on. :))

  9. Jupiter would like you to get an IPAD, and then gift it to her.

  10. I have too many gadgets right now and an iPad just seems like an oversized iPhone. If someone were to give me one for free, then heck yeah! But I have way too many vital things to spend the $ on. Like food. :)

  11. Who doesn't love a great gadget. I'm about to take the Ipad plunge.
    Happy Easter!

  12. Considering all the gadgets you have and need, could I supply a gargoyle. I thin that wold make a very trendy addition to your collection.

    Actually, there are some on today's post; you can get more form Wikipedia (however you seep that).

    I had an iPad, but didn't really like it.

  13. I understand. I waited years before I got my first PC, then swore I'd never get a laptop, then swore I'd never get a cell phone, I openly mocked the iPod's when they first came out... I could probably think of other examples.

    So what did I learn? If you want to see if something will be successful, ask me if I want it, if I say no, then it'll be huge.

  14. I just want uncomplicated basic stuff but I, too, get obssessed with gadgets.

  15. A - Z explorer. I would chime in on the iPad debate but I think I would probably lose a limb.. :P We got a on honeycomb. It's amazing. Love love love it. ANYWAY!
    On a more interesting note...GOD I miss Firefly. My DAD even liked that show...! And he's a hardcore CSI type guy.

    Saffron Wine

  16. I did sing the song.
    I'm slightly techie. I like what I have but I'm always broke so I just live with what I have.

  17. I wonder how long the song will stay in my head? Thank you. I am a technophobe with limited techknowledge! At least I live with a 12 and 14 year old to fill in some of the gaps!

  18. Once upon a time, I swore I would never get a cell phone. Ever. I didn't need one. I didn't want one. I WAS NOT GOING TO GET ONE.

    I now can't go 3 minutes without checking my email on my smartphone.

    In Which We Start Anew

  19. Hi, my name is Shannon, and I did, indeed, sing the Inspector Gadget song when I saw the picture. Also, I though "Go, Go Gadget Arms!" Also, the song is still playing in my head.

    ~hangs head in shame~

    I'm the same way about technology. I resist it and resist it, but my hubby is Super Tech Guy, and must have the newest items (note: he is also NOT an Apple person). He keeps asking me if I want a Smart Phone and I keep saying NO! It was shocking when I went to a phone that allowed texting, for crikey's sake.

    It's inevitable, though. It will happen.


    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  20. I've been known to fight any new technology, but once I give it a try I'm the one who usually uses it the most. When we first got a computer, years and years ago, I wouldn't use it without my husband being around. Was afraid I'd push a wrong button. I'm now the one who uses it the most. When we got cellphones with texting, I thought I'd never use it. I'm not fast at typing like my son is, but I can't see not being able to text. I do draw the line at getting the internet on the phone because I spend too much time on the internet at home.


  21. When I dropped my smartphone in a lake, I almost cried. And this was after insisting I didn't need one, blah blah blah. The iPad is not far behind... :)

  22. Honestly, I spend a lot of my time trying to not use gadgets. For instance, I -used- to have a cell phone. Now, I don't have anything like it or based on it, and I like it that way. If I leave my house, I don't want people to call me. Or text me. Or anything else.

  23. Singing the Inspector Gadget song in my head now. LOL.

    My A-Z

  24. I too am a gadget resistor/gadget addict. Right now on the fence about a Smartphone, but I will probably make the leap within the next couple of months.

  25. I think...

    that after reading some of your ABC's...

    I may need your blog.


  26. With all those gadgets when do you get to go-go?

  27. My parents took away my iPad because I had too many gadgets :( Okay, that's not 100% true... But... Shh!

    Anywho, if you have a smartphone, I don't see the point of a tablet, but I know if I had one (that I got to keep) I would totally feel differently. Also, what is the Hunger notification whistle? And which ringtone?

  28. I have a laptop, a smart phone, and a Nook Color. I love gadgets, but I really do think I've got all I need. A tablet would just be overkill.

  29. Have to laugh out loud at your post. I seem to be behind in technology too. But last year I bought an iPad. That was the game-changer so bought iPhones for daughter and me.
    My A-to-Z Challenge was about gadgets too. Go Go Gadget!