Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creativity and Versatility

Apparently, Shell Flower over at Tangent Shell thinks I have some. Because of that, she was generous enough to bestow upon me the following blog awards:


My understanding is that I am now supposed to share with you seven facts about myself. Despite my creativity (I don't wish to seem ungrateful but the spelling of 'creative' in that pic is making me crazy. Crazier.) and versatility, I can't say that I'm overly interesting so I hope I don't bore y'all to death.

1. My first job that didn't involve babysitting was stagehand work at my university's performing arts center. Highlights of my illustrious career included breaking two fingers while setting up the sets for a production of Camelot, working backstage security at a Dave Matthews Concert, working front stage security at a Bob Dylan concert (made even more hilarious when you know that I weigh about 110 pounds and had a really good contact high going on that night) and my Broadway stage debut during a production of Crazy For You when the set I was supposed to be moving didn't actually move before the curtain went up. Fortunately, I have excellent jazz hands...

2. There was a time when I seriously considered going to Julliard to train to be an opera singer. Lack of jazz hands made me decide otherwise...

3. Six years later (this is what happens, kids, when you don't pick a major and stick with it), I graduated with a BA in communications and English with a concentration in mass media and creative writing. What does that mean, you ask? It means I fold jeans for a living. But with jazz hands...

4. During a job interview once, I was asked if I had my retail dream come true, what would I be doing. My answer was "giving my two weeks notice." Needless to say, I did not get that job. Despite my jazz hands...

5. I love macaroni and cheese. I eat it all the time. Most of the time. It's quite honestly the only thing I can make. Everything else has to come in a box. Or from a restaurant. Where the waiters have jazz hands...

6. I believe Mount Desert Island in Maine is the most perfect place to live because it has mountains, lakes and the ocean. And a cute little indie bookstore that I adore. If I could convince The Man to move there, I'd be living there right now. And yeah, I'd be doing jazz hands.

7. I love to vote. I get a little rush whenever I arrive at a polling place. Democracy is my drug. That, and NyQuil. And jazz hands apparently...

So those are my seven fun facts. Thanks again to Shell Flower...


  1. Did you really say that during an interview? AWESOME!
    Congrats on the awards!

  2. Yes, I really did say that during an interview. It wasn't my smartest moment ever but it makes a good story.

  3. I definitely like your list. You can't see me, but I'm applauding with Jazz Hands. Congratulations on both awards

  4. So... what I'm getting from this is that you don't like Russian. Or that Russian makes you crazy. Or is it that Russians make you crazy? Or just Russians with jazz hands?

    You don't give yourself enough credit. If you can make mac n cheese, you can also boil water. See, that's -two- things you can make. My brother can't even boil water. True story.

  5. We all wish we had the perfect answer to a dumb question. You got to live the dream.
    I worked lots of retail before I had my kidd. I don't miss it.
    Congrats on your awards, no matter their spelling.

  6. @Helen- Thanks. I always appreciate jazz hands applause.

    @Andrew- I don't like Russian. I love Russian. =) And you're right. I can boil water. Sometimes, I even manage not to burn myself. True story.

    @Susan- I can't wait for the day when my retail dream actually comes true. It'll be wonderful to give that final two weeks notice. I just hope it happens before I reach retirement age.

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone. It's much appreciated.

  7. Haha-- Loving all the jazz hands in this post!

  8. I was a theatre major and loved being on stage crew. Also, I love the idea of you as an opera singer. It has totally blown my badass mystique of you.

  9. @Alexis- Jazz hands is what happens when one (meaning me) does not sleep.

    @Christa- Did I say opera singer? Because I meant 'international ass kicking superspy'...

  10. I did stage crew in middle school and was on the news...with jazz hands! It was fun. Do you ever sing now?

  11. @Shannon- Only in the shower. And on other certain occasions when I think I'm alone.

  12. ooo Mount desert Island sounds wonderful! Congrats on your award! Julliard would've been cool. YOu must have an amazing voice.

  13. Hey M.J,

    They were some cool points there.. thanks for sharing, even with the jazz hands :)

    PS... in case you're interested, the guy whose memoir I'm co-writing is a Juilliard grad who lost his voice in a bike accident. Look for Donald Braswell in my "Labels."

    Have a great weekend... and careful with those hands :)