Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Hat They Call Jayne's

Well, hello world.

I know I've been a terrible blogger of late. Lazy and remiss. I have excuses, of course. There's the typical holiday hijinks (unfortunately, gifts never do buy themselves) and some last minute unplanned shifts at The Store (some days, being the only associate capable of performing certain tasks is a blessing. Other times, not so much) and a bronchitis-esque cold that took a detour into laryngitis land (which was nice. It gave me a chance to brush up on my miming skills...). Then there was that whole computer virus my desktop caught that shut me down for a few days while The Man sorted it all out.

But I'm back now and virus free.

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season. I did. And I'm not going to lie. The highlight for me came early Christmas morning, wrapped in a sheet of tissue paper. Inside was contained a hat that, when worn, would tell all passers-by that the wearer isn't afraid of anything.

I refer, of course, to the hat they call Jayne's...

This picture was taken by The Man with some fancy smancy app he downloaded for his smart phone. Pretty cunning, huh?

I haven't much taken it off since. I'm wearing it now, as a matter of fact. And it's awesome.

Oh, and I have some good news... some time after the holidays, my mother has agreed to make another Jayne hat. That hat will be used as My Pet Blog's very first giveaway. I have no idea when this will take place but please, stay tuned...


  1. MJ! Glad you're back. And your Jayne hat is awesome. Nice of you to give the next one away.

  2. Oh no! Sounds like you've had a crazy couple of weeks! Laryngitis? No good! Glad you're feeling better though.

    And I need to know EVERYTHING about this giveaway! I want me a cunning hat!!

    Since I don't have a gun, I'd call her Vera...

  3. @Alex- Thanks (on all counts)

    @RandomDanni- I know nothing about this giveaway except that there will be one in the future. But as soon as I know something, I'll be sure to let you know. Very nice Firefly reference, by the way...

  4. Welcome back!

    I'm sorry to hear you were so sick.

    Awesome hat. :)

  5. man! sorry to hear about your sucky last couple days! but hooray for holiday laziness! sometimes we just need a recharge- amiright?
    LOVE your HAT!!!!
    i was just trying to remember this morning who it was that bought all that yarn, and now! you've solved that mystery! YAY!
    hope 2012 rocks for you!

  6. Great hat, great picture! Glad to know that you have overcome your illness. Good Luck in 2012.

  7. The Jayne hat giveaway sound awesome. I'm in. You can just send it to me now.

  8. I am jealous. I want that.

    And I'm glad you got through all the holiday madness in one piece!