Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

Well, I survived another holiday weekend at The Store. And this time (to the marked disappointment of my fellow co-workers who hovered every time I answered the phone), I even managed to remember where I worked. I also managed to disappoint a customer (yes, just the one) with the following conversation:

Him: Do you sell shoe laces?
Me: I'm sorry, we don't. But if you go down to the other end of the mall—
Him: How long are these?
Me: Your shoelaces?
Him: Yeah.
(customer sticks out his foot so I can see his shoelaces. I have no idea how long they are.)
Me: I'm sorry but I really can't tell just by looking at them.
Him: You're useless.
(customer walks away)
Me: Thanks for coming in today.

But really the highlight for me, personally, besides the lady who gave me permission to look down her pants (for real) so I could find out what size and style jean she was wearing (for real), was the following conversation with my co-worker and actual friend, Ruthie:

I'm quitting next year.
(fantasy #1). I'm publishing my book (fantasy #2) and it's going to sell a million copies (fantasy #3) and I won't have to work here anymore.
No! No, you can't quit! You can't leave me here alone!
I'm sorry but it's going to happen. (fantasy #4)
Nope. Nope. If you publish your book, you know what I'm going to do?
Buy a copy?
Nope. I'm going to protest. I'm going to get one of those sandwich board signs and protest in front of bookstores and tell everyone not to buy your book because it's terrible and they won't enjoy it.
It's adorable how you think my book would actually be found in bookstores.
Well, where will it be found?
Fine. Then I'm going to make one of those YouTube videos and tell everyone not to buy your book because it's terrible and they won't enjoy it. And then your book won't sell any copies and you'll never be able to quit.
Wow. This is the kind of support of which every aspiring novelist dreams.
Hey, will you help me make a video?
You bet.

So that was my holiday weekend. Exhausting and painful (my face still hurts from all that fake smiling) but it's done now and that's all that matters because now I have the rest of the month off (by special request and yes, my phone is off so they can't call me) to focus on winning NaNoWriMo.

I'm close. I'm so close. I'm (checks left hand sidebar) sitting at 47,312 words. That means I have 2,688 left to write. I have vowed not to sleep again until I hit 50,000. Or until Thursday rolls around. Whichever happens first. But let's face it, I'll just fall asleep at my desk again (I've been doing that a lot this month) and wake up later with an imprint from my spiral notebook across my forehead. And no, I won't take a picture of that for you.

But sleep or no sleep, I will finish. I won't have finished back on the 25th like I had hoped, but I will finish. I'm just not very excited about it. At this time last year, I was positively giddy with the prospect of reaching the finish line. I had a real feeling of accomplishment.

But not this year.

Nope, this year I'm more along the lines of "is this thing over yet?" I just want to write the last 2688 words and then go in the other room and shred them all because this is Not. A. Good. Story.

I like the beginning. I like the ending. I just hate the middle.

But I've left it because December is for rewrites, after all. Or, in my case, December is for complete and total obliteration.

Not exactly the NaNo experience I'd been hoping for but, hey, it happens.

So congratulations to my NaNoWriMo Writing Buddies who have already finished their projects. I salute you (even if I am slightly green with jealousy).

And to my writing buddies who, like me, are thisclose to finishing, KEEP GOING!

See y'all on the other side...


  1. I say let your friend protest, MJ! Any bad publicity is still publicity, after all. :)

    Glad you survived the shopping furor.


    BTW, I have to share this: My word verification words SUCKISTA

    WTH?! lol

  2. Ya I have roughly only 5k-ish words left and I am SOOOOO over it. But I will keep going!

    We can do this!! By the way...I am sleeping all day Thursday....all day

  3. @E.J.- Why do you think I agreed to help her make her video? =) As for you word verification...all I can think of is that they're onto me.

    @Bonnie Rae- We can do this. We will do this. And then we will most definitely sleep all day Thursday. Oh, how I miss sleep.

  4. When you sell a gazillion copies will you remember the small people like me? I hope so.


  5. You can do it, MJ! You have to - you can't pass up the potential of free publicity from a You Tube video protesting your book. That's priceless!

  6. You're so close! How awesome! You can do it--and yes, edits come later. At least you like the beginning and the ending. :D You're right, things can be fixed later.

  7. Oh ho! You changed your comment system, so I can comment now! You're in for some trouble! I just haven't decided what kind of trouble.
    But I'll think of something!

  8. @Michael- It's sweet you think I might sell a single copy let alone a gazillion. But absolutely, should that happen, I'd never forget the small people (your words, not mine. I feel there are no small people). But if I do, feel free to make your own protest video. I'll even help. =)

    @Alex- Maybe all writers should look into a protest video as a marketing tool?

    @Laura- Thank you!

    Andrew- Thanks for letting me know my settings were screwed up. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. =)

  9. Maybe the protest video will go viral?

    2688 words? Doable. But don't shred it. I'm sure there's something usable there. (Short story, maybe?)

  10. Stop blogging already and go write your 2000 words. I hope you're not reading this comment right now. Or perhaps you really are as useless as you were when you couldn't tell the length of someone's shoelaces his shoes.

  11. Your friend's video will likely boost your sales.
    Go write those last 2K.

  12. Did you do it yet? At least you have an end, even if the middle sucks. I am still in the middle. Good luck and cheers to you for making it to the finish line. You'll do it even if only a ninja elf ferret is left to cross the damn finish line.

  13. All right. It looks like I'll definitely have to have a viral protest video. That idea seems to be very popular.

    @Brent- Rumor has it I really am that useless. =)

  14. Your "useless" customer reminds me of a student that got mad at me yesterday because the power went out and we had to shut down the school.

    I'm going to go ahead and congratulate you because I am sure you finished. Congratulations!