Saturday, October 8, 2011

TV Talk (Week Ending 10/7/11)


The Amazing Race: The teams head to Indonesia where they ride a scary looking train to a giant cave and go spelunking. That's awesome. I'd love to do that. The other challenges involved dancing on the street or parking motorcycles (Neither a challenge I'd like to do) and then reading a sign at an orphanage. It's this last challenge that proves to be too much for all the teams but two. The flight attendants and the Survivor Survivors are out. I'm hoping the siblings follow because their fighting is tres annoying.


How I Met Your Mother: The scene with Marshall at the doctor's office made me laugh so hard I cried. "It's fascinating how profoundly little I know about vaginas" followed by "What's that little guy up there do?" Oh My God. Too funny. Robin was also in therapy with Kal Penn (loved his line "My next patient thinks he's god. On the off chance that he's right, I don't want to keep him waiting.") for assaulting a woman she sent to sabotage Barney's date with Norah (sorry, Norah, but he's not marrying you) before an attack of conscience. Kal Penn's supposed to be sticking around for a few episodes as Robin's new love interest.

House: Though I normally like the episode which remove House from his element, this episode left me a little bored. I think I might be done with this show. Also, Dr. Adams is really lame. I liked her (well, the actress who plays her) so much better in Breaking In.


Glee: This episode I really enjoyed. Really. There was good music that actually fit the storyline for a change and there was a good storyline. Mike Chang has a crisis over what he should do. Follow his dreams or his father's. And then sings and dances for his spot in West Side Story. I don' t know why everyone's suddenly interested in running for class president, but whatever. Nothing's perfect. Loved, loved, loved Mercedes and Rachel singing "Out Here On My Own" because that's one of my all time favorite songs. Did not care for the group's cover of "Fix You."

Ringer: This was a pretty good episode too. There was too much "did you just do that? Because Siobhan never would do that" stuff going on (amazing she didn't have any of these faux pas incidents before, you know?). We had a lot of flashbacks in this episode. It's the twins' birthday so the group heads to the Hamptons. Gemma finds out that Siobhan has a twin and then finds out her best friend and her husband were sleeping together so Bidget tells her that she's Bridget and not Siobhan. I have no idea what Gemma will do with this information but I kind of want to know.


The Middle: I did not really care for this episode. I didn't think it was very good at all. I don't even have anything else to say. Just...ugh.

Modern Family: Another episode from a show that's seen better times. Am I becoming too picky maybe? Gloria is grating on me a lot more than she did in the first two seasons. My favorite part of the show was probably the reemergence of Clive Bixby. That and the youtube video with Phil and Luke.


My cable went out (stupid cable) so I was unable to watch any of my shows tonight. I had to read instead. That's right. Read. What is this world coming to?


Well, the cable was back but I missed Supernatural because I took an adult dose of adult cold medicine and passed out for a good fourteen hours. I bet it was good though. Awesome, even because as we all know, the Winchesters are awesome.


  1. Ack! You're right. Supernatural was awesome. Sorry you missed it.

    Maybe you can pick up the episode on the internet somewhere?

  2. @Alex- Thanks. Fortunately, the internet wasn't down. Otherwise, I don't know what The Man would've done.

    @Jayne- I think eventually the episodes get posted on the CW website. I'll watch it there when I have the time. I definitely have to get caught up on Supernatural and the Vampire Diaries.

  3. I had to pause the DVR during How I Met Your Mother it was so funny. P.S. the Winchesters ARE awesome.

  4. Amazing Race!!
    the rest of the week i just dont have time for dvr is getting full!

  5. Have I thanked you for this weekly wrap up?
    How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show and I am always working when it is on. I have several episodes sitting patiently on the DVR for me, but until I get around to watching them, I know I can count on you for the update.

  6. I agree about The Middle. Meh. Parts of it actually just made me mad.

    Modern Family continues to crack me up, but I do agree that Gloria is getting more shrill and it's starting to bug.