Saturday, October 22, 2011

TV Talk (Week Ending 10/21/11)


The Amazing Race: The teams hang out in Thailand. The snowboarders continue to tear up the rest of the competition. Which is nice because I really do like them. My favorite part of every episode is when the cameras show the locals laughing their asses off over whatever the Americans are trying and failing to do. The twins come in last but it another non-elimination leg.

The Walking Dead: Really wanted to know what was going to happen next so I broke my hard and fast "no zombie tv before bed" rule. I wasn't at all disappointed by this episode and only had to look away during the uber gross autopsy scene. But that ending....oh boy, that ending. How's that for a sign, Rick? But seriously, what the hell?? I haven't read any of the graphic novels upon which this series is based so I have no idea how closely they're following the show but I was not expect that ending. This was the first show this season I think to make me literally jump up and go "WHAT?!?!?!?!" Awe. Some. But then I went to bed and had lots of dreams about zombies coming to eat my brains. So I'll have to watch next week's episode on Monday morning instead. Don't judge me. Or at the very least, don't laugh too hard at me when you see me.


How I Met Your Mother: We find out the sex of Lily and Marshall's baby. I don't like Kal Penn. Well, I like Kal Penn. I just don't like him on this show.

House: I like Charlyne Yi. I still don't like Odette Annable. Thirteen put in a brief appearance but I think she's off to enjoy a fabulous movie career.


Ringer: So Bridget thinks Henry killed Gemma and Henry thinks Bridget— Sorry, Siobhan killed Gemma. Jason Dohring makes an appearance as Juliet's English teacher in the lame-ass Juliet goes to public school as a punishment storyline. So disappointed that Jason's being wasted. I'd been hoping he would be someone more like Logan Echolls.


The Middle: Brick quotes Shakespeare, Axl tries to scam everyone in order to get out of a Spanish test and Frankie contemplates apartment living. They decide to stay in their house because of their neighbors. Obviously, their neighbors are not my neighbors.

Modern Family: Phil takes Haley to look at colleges. Embarassment ensues. Claire goes out for a night on the town with a guy she thinks is gay but isn't. Embarrassment ensues. Cam and Mitchell get the wrong prius from the valet and meet a scary woman with a bat. Afterward, when they get their car back and the guy says, "So, you met my wife" was my favorite moment. Well that and when Jay was on the phone with the housekeeper trying to find out what was happening on the soap opera.

Happy Endings: Not as totally awesome as last week's episode (but truly that episode was so damn perfect anything following it was bound to be a bit of a letdown) but still damn funny. Loved the part where Penny and Max create their vision boards and Jane said she had a picture of the guys from In Living Color on hers. Max calling the wicket bassinet a 'whisker basket' was just...odd but very funny. This show makes me laugh so damn hard. Jane's line, "I'm not so sure I'm not the universe" is the only line from all my shows this week that I wrote down.

Psych: The boys have a very bad hangover and try to solve a murder they suspect Lassiter of committing. It was pretty funny and all. I especially enjoyed the outtakes at the end but I'm really super focused on next week's vampire episode.


The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon's mother comes to visit. Some stuff happened that made me laugh but I honestly don't really remember. I'm really quite tired.

Vampire Diaries: My stupid day job prevented me from watching this week. It's on the DVR and I'll get to it eventually but I hate it— HATE IT— when work gets in the way of my viewing schedule. Especially when it prevents me from watching one of my favorite freaking shows. That's it. I have to quit my job. I really see no other way around it.


Supernatural: I really, really wanted to watch this week's outing because Charisma Carpenter AND James Marsters guest starred and how freaking awesome is that. But I still haven't caught up yet. I really do need to quit my job.


  1. LOL I haven't managed to see Supernatural either because of the day job assignment. And yes, Walking Dead was awesome. I think I sucked all the available oxygen out of the room and the ending.

  2. I like House's new assistant. She's unique and not a pushover. Won't laugh too hard about watching zombie stuff at night. Werewolves do the same thing to my wife.

  3. I just realized we watch none of the same shows except SN and Walking Dead. I'm behind on both.

  4. I haven't watched House since the sex episode at the beginning of last year.

    I need to catch up on the Walking Dead episodes.

    Have you tried Up All Night (on after Modern Family, I think)? Best new show this year.

  5. The only one of these I watch is Ringer and you totally must pay more attention than me. I missed Jason Dohring completely (and I ADORE Veronica Mars, so I should have caught him!)

    I like Supernatural but am two seasons behind and hate watching out of order. I think I will make an exception though for Charisma and James--I'm also a Buffy fan.

  6. The Walking Dead was amazing. The zombie autopsy seriously grossed me out, but it was the SOUND that got me more than the visual. And at the end, I totally yelled "WHAT??" out loud. I might have scared the neighbors.

    I still think Henry is lying and totally killed Gemma. I don't trust him.

    I missed The Middle. And I thought Cam and Mitchell getting the wrong Prius on Mod Fam was super funny. I can totally see how that could happen since they're everywhere around here and they all look exactly the same.

    And Happy Endings is really growing on me. At first I just watched it as filler, but now I quite enjoy it. And now just because it's the lead in to Revenge which is AWESOME.

  7. I love zombies. I just laugh at the gross parts.