Saturday, October 15, 2011

TV Talk (Week Ending 10/14/11)


The Amazing Race: Teams continue to hang out in Indonesia. They ride bikes through the streets where the snowboarders show off their daredevil skills and Cindy shows just how ill-equipped she is to actually be on this show. Seriously, I'm worried for her because if she was freaking out this much over a broken pedal, what is she going to do when she ends up with a completely inept cabbie? Will her head actually explode? I think it might. In other news, the father/son explorer team need to better read their clues (and listen when another team tells them "you need to read your clues, man." Marcus and Marcus's wife (I want to call her Armani but I know that's not right) need to pay better attention when a team GIVES YOU THE ANSWERS to the roadblock. But in the end, it doesn't matter because somehow the Vegas Showgirls are eliminated.


How I Met Your Mother: Not their best episode, but still came with some funny moments. Most notably Barney's Ewok slides and the argument between Ted and Barney over Edward James Olmos vs. Jacob James Olmos. I have to go on the record as saying that I do not like Ewoks. But, like Norah, it can likely be contributed to me not watching Star Wars until my old age set in. I also appreciated Marshall's line "It's a matter of principle. I don't care how good the cake is. I'm not having a third piece!"


Ringer: So Gemma discovers Bridget's secret and then tries to blackmail Bridget into sleeping with Henry so she could accidentally on purpose walk in on them so she could divorce Henry and take him for everything he's got. It turns out he doesn't have much because he's just been dropped by his publisher. Too bad, dude. Bridget tells Henry Gemma's plan and tells him to make it right with her. The end of the episode leads me to believe that he makes it right by killing her. But I'm guessing it's not as clear cut as all that. In other storylines, Juliet returns from Miami, does some more drugs and is sent to public school. Because you won't find any drugs there. Good call, Andrew. One other note: I continue to adore the music they use on this show.


The Middle: So this one time in high school, I received a letter or a phone call or whatever from the National Honor Society telling me I'd be accepted. Then, a little while later, I got a phone call saying I hadn't actually been accepted. They just got me confused with another student because our names were quite similar. I shrugged and said, "whatever" (probably the reason I hadn't been accepted in my own name). My mother took it much harder and went to bat for me (I heart my mom). So I could relate to Sue and the cheerleaders this week. Although high school me never would've even considered trying out for the cheerleading squad. But anyway, this was a much, much better episode than last week's cringefest. This episode was very funny. Loved everyone finding Sue annoying while she was waiting to hear from the cheerleaders. Loved Brick using his bully philosophy on Mike and I loved Axl's dream about the dragon. So glad this show's back on track.

Modern Family: This episode made me laugh so hard, I actually couldn't breathe for a while there. My god, I love Phil. I mean, you knew when Claire left Phil in charge that chaos was going to ensue ("I take my eye off the ball for one minute and I've got one in a coma, one with a black eye and one running a crime ring!") but this was terrific. I also loved his line, "If you want to fly I don't want to be the one to hold your feet to the ground. I want to be the one to push you off the cliff." Loved the boys riding out to get Haley's money back (especially when Cam called, "Shotgun!" and Mitchell's response was, "No! No weapons!" And Luke with his frozen assets? Too damn funny.

Psych: Woo Hoo! Psych is back! God, I love this show. It's so ridiculously awesome. Lassiter giving Shawn the lie detector test was a great scene, especially everyone's reaction after Shawn said he loved Juliet. Did you see Juliet and Gus lean ever so slightly to see what the machine read? I adore how the usual flashback didn't happen until the end of the episode as to not give anything away like it so often does.


The Big Bang Theory: It's always a good time when Wil Wheaton stops by. I wish he was still Sheldon's mortal enemy because that's more fun but I'm somewhat flexible. Loved Wil's line, "don't worry. It doesn't take up too much of your time" when Data becomes Sheldon's latest mortal enemy. Didn't care for Bernadette and Howard's storyline very much but let's face it, I watch this show for Sheldon.

Parks & Recreation: This show is freaking genius and as much as I love Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler was robbed of an Emmy for her role on this sitcom. Shit, this is a funny show. I don't really know what else to say. Ron Swanson and April are my surly heroes. Ben was in a Batman costume tonight and I laughed so hard I cried. And then when Ben cried while in the Batman costume, I cried harder. Loved Donna's line (said to Ben. I heart Ben), "What is wrong with you today? Did they cancel Game of Thrones?"

Vampire Diaries: This show is freaking insane. I cannot believe it. I swear, I didn't breathe for like ninety percent of this episode. Are you kidding me? Awesome, awesome, awesome. I do wonder why Caroline still gives a shit about making these school activities perfect. Doesn't she know by now that something will go wrong and that that something is going to make viewers' minds just... explode? Dammit, this is awesome and Sebastian Roche (he played Balthazar on Supernatural) has just joined the cast and I LOVE Sebastian Roche. Almost as much as I love Damon Salvatore.

Community: Finally! A good episode! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. You know what made this episode so great? There wasn't any Chang anywhere. Nor was there any Dean. There were a lot of awesome laughs to be found, from the pictures hanging on Troy and Abed's wall to Jeff's exclusive club opening invite (a ruse by Abed to make him keep the night open for their apartment-warming) and the seven alternate storylines. I love the unconventional episodes most. And I love Evil Troy and Evil Abed. I'm going to go cut myself out a felt goatee right now.


Normally this is where I would rave about the Winchesters and whatever feats of awesome they performed this week. But the truth remains that I have yet to watch last week's episode and so I recorded this week's episode but didn't watch it because I don't like watching my shows out of order. I'll get caught up. Eventually. Probably.


  1. Yes!!! Psych is back! And there was much rejoicing.

  2. You don't watch shows out of order? Interesting. I watch more in order of how much I love the show. Any show that I'm struggling to get to before it "gets lapped" (that is, the next episode records before I see the last one) might just be one I should stop watching.

    Was it just me, or was Ringer a bit off the rails? I hope next week gets better.

  3. @Alex- You're a Psych-o? Awesome!!

    @Bonnie- Oh yes. Some days I can't believe just how in love with this show I am.

    @Liz- I love Supernatural so very much but my work schedule this week just didn't cooperate. I'll be able to catch up this week though. And you're right...Ringer was definitely off the rails.

  4. i missed the pay it forward hop, so coming fashionably late to say hello! nice to meet you :)

  5. @Jeremy- I've only made it about through half the Pay It Forward list. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. So I watched Ringer again for the first time since the first episode and I have to say that it seems like it's going to be better than I first thought. And I think Henry killing Gemma was exactly that clear cut, just shocking. At least, I was shocked.

    The Middle. Oh man. Last week was so good. I LOVED that Sue stood up for herself and refused to be cast aside.

    I think this was one of my FAVORITE episodes of Modern Family. Too many hilarious lines to count. "He's slipping out of his skinny jeans!"

    And Community? Hilarious! I'm with you. The unconventional and Chang/Dean-less eps are the ones that work best. Those two are really a distraction. I preferred Chang when he was their teacher. Still annoying, but at least there was a point to his character besides just giving Ken Jeong on the payroll.