Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to Thursday Thoughts. These posts will be devoted to whatever happens to be on my mind. It just so happens that nothing really happens to be on my mind today as I've come down with the flu and adult cold medicine makes me a bit loopy. All right...
really loopy. So today's post is more of a pointless DayQuil induced ramble. Enjoy!

Today is my day off from The Store. It is my only day off this week and it's my last day off for the next seven days. My next day off isn't until next Friday. So naturally my phone rang at 9 o'clock this morning.

It was The Store. They wanted me to come in and work today.

I said no. Doing so will probably earn me some black marks on next year's performance evaluation but, strangely enough, I'm all right with that.

Besides, the truth remains that, in addition to being sick, I have a lot to do today. There's a Malinois to exercise who hasn't been properly exercised in a while. And you know what that means... there's a dog in my house literally climbing the walls and the refrigerator (I put the cat food up there, thinking it would be safe. Silly, silly MJ). There's also the more typical chores: laundry and dishes and the like. I also have to vacuum out the heaters because it's (and you can't tell The Man I said this) damn cold in the house this morning and I want to turn on the heat. It's forty degrees outside and fifty degrees inside. I'm currently writing this blog wearing a hat, fingerless gloves and an afghan. Over three layers of clothes.

The Man is reacting to the cold the only way he knows how: whining. And planning a move to the southern part of the country. He does this every year. This year, however, he's added something new. He's planning a trip to some tropical island paradise. And he actually wants me to go with him. Every day this week, he's come home from work with some new island vacation plan. Yesterday it was for us to go somewhere from November until April. I told him no because I wouldn't send the dogs to the kennel for that long.

At least he's given up (for now anyway) the idea of going on a cruise. He's wanted to do one for a long time now and each and every time he brings it up, I say no. I say Hell No. I consider those ships Cruise Ships of Death and have no desire to set foot upon one. The island resort thing scares me a lot less. He'd have a much better chance at getting me to agree to one of those vacations.

I really need to stop blogging now and get on with my day but I'm lacking the mental capacity to write a decent transition into a decent closing paragraph. So I'm just going to skip it today. I'm going to fumble through those household chores so I can stumble my way to the couch where I can sit vacantly watching the Game Show Network
while throwing a ball for the Little Gator Girl That Could.

Hope your day's plans are more ambitious than mine. Of course, it would be hard not to be.


  1. You need caller ID on your phone.
    You should try a cruise. You'd never know you were on a boat.

  2. I actually do have Caller ID. The Store called me from a different phone because they knew I wouldn't answer if they called me from their line. True story.

    I thought it might have been my eye doctor calling to tell me my damn glasses have finally showed up. It wasn't.

  3. I never answer the phone if I don't recognize the phone number. If I don't recognize the phone number, it is always a telemarketer.

    And no, your day's plans aren't less ambitious than mine. I am also dealing with a bit of a cold, so the plan is to take it easy.

    I hope we both feel better soon.

  4. I think that's rude that they'd want you to come in to work on your day off. How inconsiderate.

    I hope you accomplish all you want to get done today. And take the time for a vacation someday, if not to an island or on a cruise, to someplace that warms your heart.

  5. Oh man, I share your aversion to cruises. I just...can't.

    And I don't blame you at all for saying "no". At one of my old jobs I just didn't answer my phone on my day off.

  6. Loopy cough syrup random posts FTW. You are a tiger for plowing through this blogging every day stuff. A tiger. Truly.

  7. If you want him to stop talking about cruises, make him watch Titanic, followed by Poseidon and then Ghost Ship. That'lls stop him :P

  8. @Michael- What I find to be really rude is the lengths to which they'll go to get me to answer the phone.

    @Christa- I am not going to tell you how long my DayQuil addled mind looked at "FTW" before it worked out what it meant.

    @Jamie- I shall most definitely do that. Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. Completely with you on the cruise thing. I get seasick in a deep bath. Hope the cold is better or at least improving.