Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo Friday: Bar Harbor, Maine

Hello all and Welcome to Photo Friday. This morning I had to scrape ice— actual ice— off my windshield. And while doing so is kind of inevitable in New England, it's a tad early to be breaking out one's ice scrapper, so I thought today's photo show should be devoted to pictures I've taken in Bar Harbor, the magical land I usually go visit every summer.

Sunset over Frenchman's Bay
Jordan Pond
The view from Pemetic Mountain
The view of Sand Beach as seen from the Beehive Trail
Sand Beach
Penobscot Mountain Summit
Maine's rocky pink granite coast

Sunset from Cadillac Mountain

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Beautiful pictures, M.J.! I know the Weather Channel had broadcasted an early snow for some of the Northern states last week but I caught it at the end.

    Happy Friday back to you!

  2. Amazing pictures! I love the sunset and the beach. Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Great photos! Like the one from the Beehive Trail.
    And please send your ice my way...

  4. beautiful! absolutely love new england!
    born in plymouth =)

  5. Very beautiful. We has snow in Utah yesterday so I was very happy for photo's without the white stuff. ;)

  6. Gorgeous pics. I have a sister who lives in Rockland Me. I miss visiting there.

  7. Those photos are amazing. I want to be there right now.