Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Day More

Tomorrow’s the last day of the NaBloWriMo and, to be honest, I’m a little relieved. It was exhausting trying to write a post that maybe didn’t suck every damn day. It was especially difficult the last few days when I spent a good deal of time looking at this blinking little cursor and thinking, “Yep. I’ve got nothing.”

But now it’s almost done. I have something planned to post tomorrow. The challenge will be over and I will have achieved my goal. All good things. And then there are even good things are on the horizon. Some of which I’ll be talking about tomorrow.

But today, I shall tell you that I’m totally making progress in my WIP. Well, progress for me anyway. I’m sure for a normal person, it would be a slow day. But I’ll take it. I’ve been writing a battle scene and while I’ve swinging a variety of pointy objects around (read: swords), my office I haven’t yet broken any lamps (or anything else for that matter). I did, however, manage to injury myself. I’ve hurt my back. I’m not exactly sure how I did it because it wasn’t like an instantaneous thing. But it gets weirder because I wrote a bit in the battle scene where a character gets stabbed in the exact same place where I am now injured.

I mentioned this to The Man and proposed a pain killer induced theory about how maybe I’m so devoted to my craft that whatever I inflict upon my characters, I inadvertently inflict upon myself. The Man’s response?

“Great. Write a sex scene, would you?”

Oh, and one more thing…

For anyone and everyone who might have been singing a certain song from a certain AWESOME Broadway musical (and also for those of you who maybe don’t know what song this blog post references), here you go:

This video’s from the 10th anniversary performance. I was originally going to use a clip from the 25th anniversary performance but then I realized that one of the Jonas Brothers (I can’t tell them apart) is playing Marius and I just can’t take that seriously. But I have made a new goal: get invited to perform (as Eponine or one of the tee shirt wearing chorus members. I’m not picky) at their 30th anniversary performance. I sing so much better than the Jonas Brothers.


  1. Lol, I like your writing voodoo. I would hate for what I write for my characters to happen to me. :)

  2. Congrats on the writing progress!

    I love Les Miserables. And Eponine is a great character. :)

  3. as a woman with an extremely sore back right now - I do feel your pain. Your guy might have a good idea - lots of time - GOOD SLOW SEX is just perfect for a sore back. unfortunately not the kind I've got (back I mean, not man). yep...I'm sort of looking forward to NaBlo being over though making it a journal about my revision was very helpful! See you later, alligator. Could you write a scene about world peace?

  4. That's awesome :D (the singing thing)

    Also, I think what your hubs said is hysterical.

    Also - I think you're crazy for doing nablopomo.

    For the record.

  5. First, ten million blogging karma points to you for referencing Les Mis. And especially this my favourite song. :D
    Second, that is exactly what my husband would say.
    Third, congratulations for surviving NaBloWriMo. I came up 3 posts short for the month. I'll take it.
    And finally, the first time we watched the 25th anniversary Les Mis, hubby and I discussed at length that Marius must be a singer and Cosette a theatre actor, just based on the way they interpreted the characters. We looked it up & we were right! That's what happens when nerds get married. ;)

  6. Congratulations on the writing progress, on not seriously injuring yourself, and on making it through NaBloPoMo. Or whatever it's called.