Friday, October 21, 2011

Jupiter Is Eight Tomorrow!

Jupiter is my niece. As you may have inferred from my oh-so clever title, her birthday is tomorrow and she'll be turning eight years old. So today's Photo Friday is devoted to her. It seems like only yesterday she was this big:

And now, look at her:

Hanging in the hammock

Hiking Mt. Willard

The most stylist hiker ever!

Swimming in the Saco

Happy Birthday, Jupiter! We love you!


  1. What a great birthday present:) Have a happy day!

  2. What a cutie! Hope she has a wonderful birthday and you all have a terrific weekend.

  3. Happy birthday, Jupiter! Love your sparkly, pink hat.

  4. That is a stylish hat, for sure. Jupiter is an interesting name. I have a boy in my class this year named Jupiter.

  5. Happy birthday, Jupiter! (Sorry it's late)

    I still loved the posts about the journey to Russia. (That was her, right?) Anyway, she's gorgeous! And I hope her day was wonderful!

  6. Jupiter thanks you all for the kind birthday wishes. She had a fabulous birthday.

    @Ava- Yes, she's the one from the Russia posts.