Friday, October 28, 2011

Flurries With a Side of Flowers

Well, we had our first snowfall last night. It's gone now (except for in the mountains... to your left, you can see what Mt. Washington looked like this morning) but still, we had our first snowfall and The Man spent the evening trying to convince me to move south. His latest compromise is for us to go south for the winter and then return to the Mount Washington Valley in the spring like we're a band of Canadian geese or his grandparents.

I told him I'd think about it. It'll keep him quiet for a couple of days... But for my out-of-New England readers, tell me what are your winter months like? I'm in the market for a winter home...

But as a result of the snow, however fleeting (this time...), I wanted to post some pictures from a happier time. A time when The Man complained about it being too damn hot. A time of colorful blooms and carefree dreams. That's right... Summertime.

The following are pictures I've taken of flowers in a variety of places. Some actually came from my "garden" (yes, I have to use sarcastic air quotes when I talk about my garden. If I posted a picture of the whole thing, you'd understand). Well, most of them are from my "garden". There are a couple pictures I'm going to include from the Bellagio Botantical Gardens (the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas) because they're just damn pretty.


My hostas. No, really!

My hydrangeas. For real!

Day lillies

I don't remember what this flower's called. I found it at the Bellagio Botantical Garden and thought it was waaaaaaay interesting.

Iris, taken in Moscow


  1. We live a long way north, but the Gulf Stream means we don't get northern style winters. Admittedly the last three years it snowed good and hard at the end of November and stayed very cold for the next month, but that's unusual.

    Weather doomists are predicting more early chill this year too. I like the snow, so I'm not much bothered.

  2. Wish we had snow. And there's just no pleasing that guy, is there?

  3. North Carolina is a wonderful place to live. You can get as much cold and snow as you like depending on where you go.

  4. Snow doesn't bother me a whole lot either. Sure, there are days when I find it wildly inconvenient but it just comes with the territory.

    The Man has long been pushing for North Carolina. I'm always the hold out.

  5. It snowed here yesterday, too.

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. You know where it didn't snow? Here. Where I live. And I'm really not sad about it at all. In fact, I might go to the beach this weekend. :-)

    The flowers are gorgeous!

  7. I could go to the beach this weekend. I'd freeze my ass off but I could still go. =)

  8. if you like it stay
    its great to have nice weather, but i like the changes of season
    beautiful pics!