Monday, October 31, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan...

...and into the fryer.

ends today. Just in time to give me time to shovel out a path to my door for the trick-or-treaters (True story) before the madness that is NaNoWriMo begins.

I think most of you out there in the blogosphere know what NaNoWriMo is but here's a brief recap, just in case:

30 days has November and in those thirty days, I am going to attempt to write a 50,000 word novel. That's 1,667 words a day for you math geeks. I started doing this in 2009 when I wrote a chick lit novel. In 2010, I wrote a YA urban fantasy. And both years I started off with nothing more than my intended genre and a name for my main characters. With the help of my leftover Halloween candy, (some say I overbought on purpose but I say you can't prove it. Unless you actually saw all the bags in which case... shut up.) I stayed up all night so that I could begin writing promptly at midnight. I typed my main character's name into my word processing program and then went, "okay. Now I just need 49,998 more words!"

Or main characters with much longer names...

This year I had originally intended to write a suspense novel. I even blogged about it earlier this year. Maybe in September. I don't know; it doesn't really matter. The point is, I felt even less about that proposed story than I did my previous NaNoWriMo projects so I've stuck that idea on the back back burner and instead have decided to write the next installment of my wildly popular (with the two people who have read it) fantasy series, The Coileáin Chronicles.

So I'm feeling good. I'm feeling very excited because for the first time, I'm going into NaNoWriMo (13 hours and counting!) with more than just a genre and main character. I have a title that will stick (unless I think of something I like better). I actually know where I want the story to start. I actually know where I want the story to end. Of course I have no idea what's going to happen in between those things or if, once I get going with the writing part, if the story will actually end where I thought it would because sometimes it doesn't.

But I can't wait to find out.

Are you NaNoWriMo-ing this year? Did you write an outline or are you just winging it like me? Looking for NaNo buddies (and thank you to the people who have added me! I'm very excited to have NaNo buddies!!)? You can find me using the very clever handle "M.J. Fifield." You can view my profile HERE.

Good luck to everyone!!

Oh, and just one last thing before I go... one of my Facebook friends posted this picture on her profile and since I found it (slightly naughty) hysterical and timely, I stole borrowed it to post here:

I'm guessing it works for New Hampshire too... Now, I'm off to shovel that path! Happy Halloween, all. Be safe.


  1. Linus, such language!
    Don't forget to add Mr. and Mrs. - that will make the character names longer.

  2. Best of luck fellow NaNo-er! I have a basic plot outline written down, and a vague hope that I might actually stick to it this time! (NaNo ID: Freyas_Girl)

  3. Good Luck on NaNo! And I think Linus just channeled what Charles Schulz really wanted to say.

  4. Ha! Just buddied you! Take that!

    Best of luck to you! I am jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, too--3rd year running on both.

  5. Good luck on NaNo! We'll suffer through together!

  6. You have a lot to do next month. I'm doing NaNoRevisions instead of starting from scratch.
    Funny cartoon!(New follower.)
    Happy Halloween!

  7. Good luck! Can't believe it's so few hours away now . . .

    Just added you as a buddy. :)

  8. I did it last year. I have too much revising to do right now, and too many projects in that messy rough draft stage right now.
    have fun!

  9. HH! And, good luck on your brave attempts at NaNo.

  10. Good luck on NaNo. Cute Peanuts cartoon (that's clearly altered ;) And congrats on finishing Nablo!

  11. Good luck with NaNo! Won't be able to participate this year, but I love cheering everybody on.

  12. I'm doing suspense for Nano this year. It's YA thriller and it's totally plotted out. I don't like writing unless I have an outline of chapters to keep me grounded. :)

  13. I passed the Liebster Blog award to you. Thanks for the great blog.
    Hope you had a great halloween.