Monday, October 24, 2011

The Black Keys

So before I get going on today's Music Monday blog, I just want to say WOW. I seem to have accumulated more than three hundred followers. Truly, everyone, I am flattered. One of these days, I'll do a giveaway when I have a worthy prize. The Man would still like to offer up our cats (particularly the evil one) but I like y'all too much for that.

Thanks for following me!


I was listening to The Black Keys today in the car while I was pondering about what I should post today on My Pet Blog (only a week left in the NaBloWriMo challenge!). I think some things are just meant to be. This duo has become one of my favorite groups. I especially like to listen to them when I get in a certain kick ass kind of mood. And sometimes, I listen to them when I want to get in a certain kick ass kind of mood.

Here are some of my favorite songs:

Sinister Kid

Next Girl

When The Lights Go Out

Chop And Change
(Even if it was featured on the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack)

And last but not least...

Ten Cent Pistol

Wishing you all a kick ass start to your week!