Friday, September 23, 2011

TV Talk (Week Ending 9/23/11)

I love television and I watch entirely too much of it. That's right. I am a slave to the idiot box. In the past, some people have tried to make me feel bad about my viewing habits (you know who you are) and what's worse is that I let them.

But no more. (Well, probably not any more. We'll see.) For better or worse, the idiot box is part of what makes me me (probably shouldn't have gone with the 'idiot box' phrasing just then). I like good storytelling in any way, shape or form and if that form just so happens to resemble a soapy Ian Somerhalder climbing out of the bath, well then—

Sorry. I got distracted just then. What was I saying?

Right. I love TV and so I'm going to watch it. A lot of it. Thursday nights will pose a particular challenge. After I watch all my shows, I will then blog about them. I used to do this all the time. And now I'm going to do it again. My television thoughts will be posted once a week, probably on Saturdays, as Superatural airs on Friday nights. Feel free to share your opinions or just ignore this segment altogether. To each her own.

Here are my thoughts on this week's offerings:


How I Met Your Mother: A brilliant start to what I'm sure will be a brilliant season. I'm not really a fan of the Barney/Robin pairing so I'm hoping they don't go down that road. I like Nora just fine but I don't think there's any way Barney will be marrying her. The writers threw the audience a little bone at the end of the first half hour when Lily arrived, saying the bride wanted to talk to Ted. This has led a lot of people to think it's Robin because obviously the bride is really good friends with Ted because why else would she want to talk to him? Want to know who I think the bride is? Want to know my bold prediction? I think it's going to be Victoria. That's right. The cupcake girl from season one who reemerged at the end of the second half hour. In other HIMYM news, I saw the outcome of the Lenny Kravitz thing coming about five miles away. Loved Edward Forty Hands, Beercules and Martin Short's appearance.

Castle: Despite my eternal love for Nathan 'Captain Tightpants' Fillion, I've always been a little 'meh' about this show. Honestly, it doesn't always hold my interest. I did watch the last couple episodes of last season and thought they were pretty damn good so I tuned in to watch this season's premiere. And got bored again after the opening credits. Can't Nathan Fillion just make more episodes of Firefly?

Alphas: I'm three weeks behind on this show so I have no idea what went on this week but I still wanted to make mention of it because I really have been enjoying it. I don't know if you watch this one or not, but it's pretty damn awesome. Monday nights on the SyFy channel. It always amazes me that a network that can produce such crappy Saturday night movies can produce such an amazing scripted series. I thought the same about Battlestar Galactica and I think the same about Alphas. Gary, by the way, is my favorite. And did I mention that Summer Glau guested? Is there any way she can guest every week? Or (even better) get her own show as, you know, River Tam? Just asking...


Glee: Meh. Lots of thoughts in no particular order: I didn't particular care for most of the music this week. Rachel and Kurt's "Ding Dong (The Witch Is Dead)" number just didn't have anything to it. It was too slight. Blaine left his well funded private school to attend a crappy public school? Really? And his parents were cool with that? Lindsay from The Glee Project (of which I only watched a couple of episodes, I swear) put in an appearance as Rachel 2.0 and sang "Anything Goes"...that number was awesome. I want Quinn's hair. Will Scheuster continues to become a bigger (insert your favorite insult here) with every passing epsiode. "Guess who woke up just before I did..." Really, Mr. Shue? That's disgusting. I'm hanging in with you for now, Glee, but I have to're on notice.

Ringer: Watched the premiere last week because of Sarah Michelle Gellar. And it wasn't (with the exception of a certain green screen boat scene ) that bad. Waaaay too much mirror symbolism. They're twins, we get it. I'm having a difficult time not thinking of SMG as Buffy. I mean, to the point where I'm watching the scene where she's hiding from the bad guy and I'm saying, "you're the slayer, for crying out loud! Just kick his ass!" This week SMG spent the entire episode trying to hide the body of the man she shot in the pilot. She ended up stuffing him in an antique trunk during her fake husband's party. I was disappointed. I'd been hoping she'd go the Weekend At Bernie's routine.

New Girl: I wanted to like this show but I couldn't get through this episode. And it was only thirty minutes long.


The Middle: This show never fails to make me laugh. Every episode I watch Axl, knowing I'm seeing a younger version of The Man and I watch Sue knowing I'm seeing a younger version of me. Brick is a riot and Mike is hysterical (although I still some times only think of him as the Janitor from Scrubs). This week the Hecks get in the car and go camping. The board game scene was hilarious. Mike's line "Do a charade...No." made The Man and I high five.

Modern Family: Another show that never fails to make me laugh. I thought Gloria was entirely too shrill in the first half hour. And the new Lily is kind of freaking me out a little. My favorite moment in the first half hour was probably Cam showing off the adoption album. My favorite line of the night came from the second half hour when Claire said, "I would love to be wrong. I just don't live with the right people for that."

Revenge: It was on after Modern Family and I was too lazy to change the channel. And although I got surprisingly choked up over the part with the dog, it mostly just made me want to buy a summer house on the beach. But not in the Hamptons because that's apparently just full of cheating backstabbers. Yikes.


The Big Bang Theory: An all right first half hour followed by a much better second half hour. I loved Bernadette going to Raj's apartment to yell at him, especially at the end when he asked if she thought he had a chance with a girl like Penny and Bernadette screamed, "Of course you do! You're a cutie pie!" In the second half hour, I particularly enjoyed the scene where Sheldon tried to get Penny to get rid of her dumpster chair, particular the part where she opened the door and greeted him with the chair's cushion. I also enjoyed Sheldon's line "when I come to power, those are the people who will be sterilized."

All right. So that's it for this week. I'm missing most of my Thursday schedule (Vampire Diaries, Community, Parks & Recreation) and Supernatural isn't on here anywhere but life is getting in the way and limiting my time in front of the small screen. Thanks to my DVR, I'll catch up eventually.

Things should be back to normal next week and you'll be able to sit back and wonder how it is that one person can manage to watch so much damn television and still retain the ability to construct a halfway decent sentence. Until then...


  1. You realize I never watch TV. I am torn about this. I would rather read, always. And yet I feel like I might be missing out on things. I haven't watched a show since I broke up with Glee at the beginning of Season 2 and even that was a very off/on relationship.

  2. Big Bang Theory - yes! And I will never chastise you for your TV viewing habits.

  3. I don't have TV. That's right. No TV. Okay, I have a TV, it's just not hooked to anything but the wii and my blu-ray. So everything I watch (which isn't a lot) comes from netflix and the movie store :D

    I did watch the first season of castle, cause, well you know . . . I needed my fix since firefly is no longer ;D

  4. I have to agree with you about New Girl. It would be better if it had the three guys and not her, or maybe it she just toned it down a couple notches. Great post!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. @Christa- I read or write during commercials.

    @Alex- Thank you. I appreciate that.

    @Jolene- I do the netflix thing too. I'm addicted, I tell you. Addicted.

    @Amy- I can't say I really liked the three guys either. Especially the one guy who was such a creep. Schwartz or something? I'll stick with Happy Endings and Cougar Town for quirky, off beat comedies.

  6. I really like Castle. A lot. But I would gladly give it up for more Firefly.

    I stopped watching Glee last year and haven't regretted it.

    I couldn't really get that excited about Ringer. It was okay, but I agree with you that I was waiting for SMG to kick some ass.

    The Middle makes me giggle and Modern Family is my happy place. But I agree with you about Gloria this past week.

    And the Big Bang Theory, too. Funny show, but not the best premiere.

  7. This is a fabulous televison show guide. I love TV too, but am an inconsistent viewer with new shows.