Monday, September 19, 2011

I Haz A Week Off!

You'll have to pardon my bad grammar in the title there but I'm a little punch drunk with the realization that I don't have to go to The Store at all this week.

That's right. I received a week off. I don't know if it was some kind of oversight or something but I decided not to ask. When I saw my name and the total lack of hours next to it, I whooped and hollered and shrieked, "I don't have any hours next week?!?" And then did a little dance. It took the Second Assistant Manager (the unnaturally cheerful one) a moment to realize that (a) I wasn't having a seizure and (b) those were happy whooping, hollering and shrieking noises I was making.

I have a week off! I have a week off! I have a week off!

And to make sure it stays that way, I'd like to announce to one and all that I will not— will not— be answering my phone this week. I don't care if the caller i.d. says The Man is on the other end, I Will. Not. Answer. I will not take the chance that The Store has somehow gotten ahold of The Man's phone and is using it for their own nefarious purposes. So if you're calling me this week, leave a message and if your voice passes my voice analysis software (seriously not taking any chances), I'll call you back.

So you might be asking yourself what exactly I shall be doing with myself now that I have a week off (I have a week off. Did I mention that? Like an entire week.). Or you might have already moved on to the next blog and that's all right too because I won't know the difference. But in case you were curious, here's what's on the agenda:

Write the new chapter I decided last week that Effigy just had to have.

I am so pissed about this. I mean, I really am. I was supposed to be doing some housekeeping type edits this week. Just cleaning up typos and some passive voice issues before I handed off the manuscript to a new potential beta reader (one who— with luck— might actually pan out. Unlike pretty much everyone else.). Effigy was supposed to be done. I wasn't supposed to be creating more frakking story but it happened anyway. And while I do ultimately think it's best for the overall story, I'm currently irritated with myself for taking two giant steps backward when I mean to be moving forward.

But hey— at least I still have a week off.


  1. We have both had such odd luck with beta readers and critique partners...maybe it is a sign?? Maybe we should be CP's....

    So happy you have a week off!!!!!

    And don't worry about having to takes some steps back, it happens. I just went to a conference this weekend and from listening to all the agents I am debating taking many steps back and revising the whole dang story! Sci/fi is just not winning right now =(

  2. Sounds like a busier week than a week in work to me :)

    RJR Daydreamer

  3. Enjoy the week - and stay away from the phone! Trust no one...

  4. Enjoy your week off. Have fun writing that new scene!

  5. Those pesky novels are so demanding, aren't they. And don't even get me started on the characters. Sheesh!

    Have a great week off. :-)

  6. YAY for a week off! Enjoy it!

    Sometimes writing more to your story is actually moving forward and not backward--even if it seems like "AHH, WHY MORE NOW!? I was almost DONE!!" (Er, I may have had experience with this in the past?)