Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter, Google+ and One Poor Neglected Blog

In my last blog, I said if you didn't hear from me again before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two, it probably meant I was already in line at the theater. And the truth is that although I have not blogged since last Tuesday, I didn't actually spend two days waiting in line for the Harry Potter midnight show. I did talk my sister into arriving five hours early and still we had to spend three hours waiting outside in a long ass line (the last two hours were spent in the theater itself) that eventually wrapped itself around the back of the theater before they started seating us. (The first person arrived at 12:45 Thursday afternoon and had spent her day enjoying the air conditioning and reading her copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.)

There were quite a few people in costume. We watched a number of Bellatrix Lestranges, a couple of house elves and a pair of Hagrids walk past. Two people dressed as dementors. One of them went all out and walked through the crowds on stilts (I kid you not), scaring the crap out of people. I thought it was kind of a jerky thing to do. It didn't bother me so much but there were a lot of people honestly freaked out by the guy who just didn't seem to care (the other dementor did not attempt to scare anyone). The mother of the group of girls behind us in line spent a good amount of time hiding behind me and my sister. My favorite reaction came from a tween boy who was busy waving at the local news cameras then turned around and saw the dementor guy and said "Holy Shit!" before running away.

I've already Facebooked and Tweeted about how much I loved the movie you already know there was no way in hell I was going to come out of that theater thinking anything else. I laughed, I got teary eyed (others in the theater were full out sobbing...had they not read the book?) and there were parts that made me literally vibrate with excitement. The movie ended at 2:30 in the morning and if they were offering a 3am show, I would've stayed for that one too. I thought they did a fantastic job and I can't wait to see it five hundred more times. Then I can't wait to get it on DVD so I can watch it another five hundred times.

My sister has pointed out that this is insane. She's not wrong.

But it's over now and so life can get back to normal. Or at least whatever passes for as 'normal' around here. Which means that maybe, just maybe, my poor neglected blog will become less poor and less neglected. And maybe, just maybe, the same could be said for my WIP.

But let's not get crazy, shall we?

One last thing before I go, I have some invitations to Google+ to send out to people. If you're interested in trying out Google's version of Facebook, let me know. This offer is good while supplies last.


  1. I don't get to see HP until WED! It's KILLING ME!

  2. My daughter was one of the midnighters in costume. She wore a cape. But she wasn't happy with the movie. Of course that didn't stop her from coming along with the rest of the family on Saturday to see it again (just she was seeing it again). The second time she liked it even less. Sometimes she feels it's her duty to be very critical, like when she feels she has to defend her favorite books.

    Anyway, I kinda have to agree with my daughter in that the movie wasn't great. It was what you'd expect, and it was good and everything, but it didn't pay off for me like the book did.

  3. I'll arrive early to the first showing of The Hobbit next year, but not a whole day early!

  4. The good old waiting in line for a movie bit. Used to do that a lot when I lived in California. Good times with friends. At least you got to see Potter. I've yet to go. I better remedy that.

  5. Well, I liked Harry Potter. But the book was oodles better. I didn't saw the premiere, instead I was in Sunday's midnight session, and it was full of kids. They seem to have liked it, they even clapped at the end. Eh. For me it could've been much much better.

  6. My nephew just added me to his Google+. I haven't really explored it yet, but plain to. I plan on going sometime this coming week to see it.

  7. Ah yes, standing in line with folks in costume. Confess now, how many of you have dressed up to see Rocky Horror Picture Show? (Me? no way. crossing fingers and hiding eyes) I do agree it is hard to return to reality afterwards, but that's the point of a movie, or a good book, to wisk you away to another place and time. Coming back is almost like a hangover.

  8. I went to a midnight showing too! Thankfully, we had the bright idea to buy tickets at a theater that does reserved seating to avoid the 5 hour line waiting. I did that for Half-Blood Prince & it was fine then because I was only working part time. I would not have lasted if I'd gone right after work.

    That said, the movie was great, the crowd was great! Lots of people dressed up (including my group), but I didn't cry. I did feel immensely sad though that it was all coming to an end. Glad you had fun!!!