Monday, June 6, 2011

It's All Fun And Games...

Today is the All Fun and Games Blogfest hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh where the participants name their three favorite games to play. Board games, video games, mind game— anything goes!

But as I have a small problem with exclusion where blogfests are concerned, I'm doing this a bit differently. I'm going to share with you my three favorite board/card games, and video games and game shows and then, just for a little something more, I'm going to pick three random games.

So let's get started...

Here are my three favorite board/card games:

1. Scrabble: In particular, Theme Scrabble games where we select a theme before we play and every time we put down a word that relates to the theme, we receive a fifty point bonus. I'm partial to the Dirty Word Scrabble games even though I never win those (my brother is the undisputed champion of Dirty Word Scrabble, something of which I know he's immensely proud). We've also done Harry Potter Scrabble and Whedonverse Scrabble.

2. Uno: I love playing Uno so, so much. It was the card game of choice in the school where I used to teach and we played with a very ruthless set of house rules. It made for some very intense games in my classroom. Of course, as the teacher in a room full of delinquent students who hated authority, I was almost always the target of the Draw Fours and draw twos and skips but it only made it that much sweeter when I won.

3. Apples to Apples: I had a hard time filling the third spot because I also love Taboo and Scene It! but I had to give the coveted final space to Apples to Apples because it is such a fun, fun game. I've played this with students and I've played this with friends and we always have a gut-busting good time. If you've never played it, I highly recommend it. I also recommend playing this game drunk because then it seems to become downright hysterical. The Heather, this one's for you: When I think of virtuous, I think of the common loon... (yeah. You definitely had to be there for that one).

My Three Favorite Video Games

1. The Adventures of Zelda: In any format. I talked about my obsession with these games during the A to Z Challenge back in April. If you missed it, here's a brief recap: I love this game. It's one of my more pathetic life goals to some day defeat this game. I sadly haven't managed to do it yet. Even with the step by step cheat sheet I downloaded off the internet.

2. Super Mario Brothers: Again, in any format. The original, Super Mario 2 (the one no one seems to like), Mario 3 where you could become Raccoon Mario, the new Super Mario for the Wii (I keep getting stuck in the bubble). Even the lost levels. That's right. I said the lost levels. Did you know there were lost levels? Because there are...

3. Tetris: I kick ass at this game. That's really all I have to say about that.

My Three Favorite Game Shows:

1. Lingo: Found on the Game Show Network. Contestants try to guess five letter words. They're usually not very good at it. Plus, I giggle ever time Chuck Woolery says "reach on in and grab yourself a couple of balls." Yes. I am eleven.

2. Match Game: Reruns air on the Game Show Network. Have you watched them? They're hysterical.

3. The Price Is Right: This just bumps Press Your Luck because of fun childhood memories of my siblings and I playing our own version using my mother's spinning wheel as "the big wheel". No one ever got a dollar though. Probably because whichever one of us was Bob Barker got to decide what money amount the wheel ended on and I doubt we were ever nice enough to give anyone a dollar. Ah, memories...

My Three Favorite Miscellaneous Games

1. Drinking games: If you've read this blog (or my Facebook statuses) for any length of time, you're well aware of my fondness for creating drinking games. I usually don't play the drinking games but they're certainly fun to create. Look for my Dance Recital Drinking Game to hit the blog later in the week.

2. Hide and Seek: I play this with my dogs. I hide or sometimes The Man hides. Then whichever one of us doesn't hide, counts to ten and sends the dog to go seek. They love it. Plus, it's good for search and rescue training.

3. Tug of War: Also played with the dogs. With the Gator Girl, it's a never ending struggle you have to let her win because she is relentless. With Big, I usually take a dive because he loved thinking he's taken me down. Once he accidentally did take me down, knocked me flat on my back in our living room. The Man reports that it was the funniest thing he's ever seen. Ah, memories...

Okay, well, that does it for me. I can't wait to see what others have posted. However, it's going to have to wait until I get back from agility class this evening. There's another fun game for agility.

Everyone have fun and make sure no one loses an eye...


  1. I had a blast playing Apples and Apples once; there were some crazy answers! :)

  2. Hey, someone who's up for a drinking game! Bummer I'm such a lightweight...
    Apples to Apples is fun.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  3. Who doesn't love the Price is Right? Or Mario Bros or Tetris? Or Zelda? Great picks!

  4. Wow, you have a cool selection here! Thanks for sharing ;)

  5. Cool list.

    Another Apples to Apples fan. We really enjoy that game here.

  6. I'm having lots of fun learning some things about my blogging friends. I think scrabble is a favorite of lots of writers.

  7. Tetris!!!! OMG, I loved that! And ah, Zelda. Awesome game. I've always loved Uno and Apples to Apples too. Great list!

  8. I love UNO, the everlasting card game.

  9. Love Apples to Apples - I just listed the old tried and true, hmmm, shoulda thought about it a bit more...anyway, my hub's from Manchester! Still has family there, but closer to Dover. His Aunt Vina (Dover) passed in February; she was 101. Love those New Hampshire genes.

  10. Fun to do 3 of different kinds. Have you ever tried Boxers or Briefs? It's similar to Apples to Apples but I like it better.

  11. I forgot all about Lingo! We used to watch that all the time! Great choices! I feel I'm reading about myself. :)

  12. LINGO! Mike and I used to watch that EVERY NIGHT!

    I'm a card player, so I'm lame and that's almost all I do anymore. I still love a good game of scattergories, but it's pretty rare.

  13. Aww I wish I heard about this blogfest sooner! You know it sometimes amazes me how much you and I have in common? Like I would switch Uno with Monopoly, and I've never played Zelda, but otherwise - spot on!

    I love creating drinking games! I have made sooo many - based on TV shows (every time this happens, take a drink, etc.) I think my favorite was the time my friend and I turned the card game War into a drinking game. It was so hardcore... I'll post the rules sometime on Random Danni..

  14. Uno is killer! The nephews and I love to play this and who could forget Tetris. I have this on my cell phone. LOL

    And drinking games...Oh the fun I had with those. ;)

  15. Oh man I still have nightmares about that Draw Four card. lol

    and fist bumps for Zelda! Gosh darn I love that game. Once I called in sick to work for a weeks o I could complete the Ocarina of Time. lol

    And of course I still hum the tune to Tetris now and then. Especially if we start moving furniture. lol

  16. I debated doing drinking games, but the problem is, I can't remember the rules unless I'm drinking

  17. Thinking my comment got swallowed yesterday. But I STILL love Match Game! I wish some of those old game shows could have gone on forever!

  18. Ooh, Theme Scrabble! Maybe if I suggest that, people other my sister will be willing to play against me. That, or they'll yell dirty words in my face. (Either way, I win!)

    And great. Now you've got me thinking about Chuck Woolery's balls.

  19. Nice list!!

    Fav. card game - Canasta (Never played, just like to say the word. Canasta, canasta, canasta!)

    Fav. drinking game - How The Grinch Stole Christmas. You drink every time the word "who" is spoken. (watch out for Little Cindy Lou WHO WHO was no more than two and Every WHO down in WHO-ville- they'll getcha!)

    Fav. game show real time - Jeopardy! Old skool - The Newlywed Game. (I just can't get enough of Cuckoo clock bleeping.) with a nod to Joker's Wild.

    Fav. computer game - it's a tie between Strike -a-match and Garden Gnome Carnage.

    There are some great lists here. Ahh, what's not to like about Chuck Woolery?

  20. have to follow bcuz of your great game choices!
    happy belated gameblogfest =)

  21. Oh haha, now I see why you liked that drinking game on my blog so much. :) I love a theme! Must try that with Scrabble one of these days.

  22. I LOVE Zelda! Seriously. I can't play it a lot because I become addicted the minute I turn it on. :/ It was fun getting to know you a little better! :D

  23. You might be my sister by another mother. Your board games are my 1,2, and 3! I've even gotten my kids involved. My 3yo is hilarious playing Apples to Apples because he always chooses the crazy words.