Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Which The Bruins Win The Stanley Cup And Whatever Else I Was Planning To Talk About Before That Happened

I like hockey. I like it a lot but I'm not a crazy wild hockey fan. It's not like me and the Red Sox or me and the Patriots. I watch the occasional game but I don't watch every single game. I don't request days off from work in order to watch games. I don't have wild crazy crushes on any of the Bruins players (well, maybe Tim Thomas just for his sheer awesomeness, if nothing else) like I do with Jacoby Ellsbury and Wes Welker. But I follow them and their progress through the season because I root for Boston sports and tonight, as I've done this entire series, I cheered hard for the Black and Gold.

And not to take credit for the Bruins' win tonight or anything but every time I changed channels from NBC to So You Think You Can Dance and back again, the Bruins had scored again. It was a little annoying, truth be told, because three out of the four goals scored tonight I missed seeing. I did get to see the last goal, though, the empty net goal and did a little happy dance. And then, as time ran out on the clock and Vancouver's season, I did a much bigger and louder happy dance. The Man was a little less thrilled with this because he'd gone to bed by this time but wild late night sports related exuberance is really just one of the drawbacks perks of having getting to live with me.

So now I'm in a post game, celebratory haze which means I will likely get very little writing done tonight. My last all nighter, Monday night, I think was reasonably successful. Not word count wise but content wise, I think. The problem that is the secondary male lead isn't completely fixed but right now I feel like I have an actual path to walk on instead of bushwacking my way through his arc. I worked all through the night, straight up until 2pm Tuesday, taking breaks at 7am when The Man could no longer put up with the dogs pacing around the bedroom (they're rather restless when I don't go to bed when they do) and again at noon when the dogs (again) demanded their lunchtime Kongs (nothing like dogs on a schedule). So by 8pm Tuesday, I was pretty much unconscious on the couch. I made it to my actual bed by 9pm and didn't regain consciousness until 10am this morning. If you know the Gator Girl, you know how rare it is that she sleeps past 7am. I was shocked and awed and grateful because, apparently, I'd been a bit tired.

But now I'm all energized. Before going to bed tonight, The Man asked if I was going to stay up all night again. I answered, "Probably not all night" and then went on to explain that I was like some kind of sleep camel. I'd gotten fourteen hours of sleep earlier and so now I wouldn't need to sleep for a couple of days. The Man doesn't seem to think it works that way. He's probably right but I guess we'll find out.

Joining me for tonight's maybe all nighter are Big and the Gator Girl. As I mentioned before, they're a little restless when I spend the night in my office rather than my bed. This translates to pacing. A lot of pacing. The Gator Girl, especially. Big mostly just paces to get to the opposite side of the room as his sister. But this goes on pretty much all night long (no wonder the Gator Girl slept in...she'd been up all night too!). The Man came downstairs with them on Tuesday morning and said, "They're yours. I can't take it anymore! All night long with the back and forth and back and forth all because you weren't there! I am so tired now, I'm going back to bed!" Which, of course, he could not do because he had to go to work. I suggested he take a nap under his desk. Don't know if he did.

So tonight, I decided the dogs will stay with me. The Man can sleep and if there's pacing to be done, they can do it downstairs along with me. Right now, they're both sleeping (and snoring) in my office, one on the floor at my feet (Big) and the other stretched across the daybed (Gator Girl).

It's rather adorable.



  1. You're funny.
    I WISH I could be a sleep camel. I sleep great all winter long, and then summer hits and it's light all night long, and I'm just TIRED b/c who wants to go to bed when the sun's still up??

  2. Riots in Vancouver over this were impressive.

  3. Hey MJ! I don't get into sports very much, but I commented on your last post... because I do get into books. lol

  4. Need to keep them awake all day so they sleep tonight and not bother anyone! And the hockey game was great.

  5. @Jolene- I had a similar problem with the sunlight messing with my sleeping habits when I was in Russia a few years ago.

    @Michael- Oh, I saw those on the news. I thought it was kind of pathetic. Boston fans have lost a lot of sports championships and we didn't set buses on fire. At least I don't think so...

    @Pk Herezo- Well, thanks for commenting anyway. There won't be another championship for a while so should you choose to come back, you'll only have to suffer through occasion mentions of the Red Sox.

    @Alex- That method would work with any other dog but not the Gator Girl. It's been tried. Her anxiety will override all. But honestly, they were angels last night. Didn't bother me at all. I actually feel like I made some progress so I'll have to keep them with me every night now.

  6. Wooo! Way to go Bruins!

    I love the idea of being a sleep camel! I can totally relate, though I always considered it more like a sleeping bank. Since I pulled off a lot of all nighters in college, I feel like I'm paying off my sleep loans now... Anything less than 6 hours and I'm cranky and useless!

  7. Oh boy, I could use being a sleep camel right about now. WTG on pulling the successful all nighter, though. I hope The Man gets some sleep and that the dogs act as muses so you can get more writing done.

  8. Yeah, I can't do all nighters like I used to. I gotta sleep when the baby does at night or nothing works right the next day. Good on you, though, for getting the writing done.

    It Just Got Interesting

  9. I just don't bother to try to get a full nights sleep anymore. Last night Jupiter woke up, then she wouldn't go back to sleep, then the cat came in her room and started playing with her jingly ball, then I threw the jingly ball out of the room and the cat brought it back. Then the thunderstorm came. Then Jupiter sent me away. Then I went back to bed for ten minutes til my alarm went off.