Friday, June 17, 2011

Fenced In, Part One

Yesterday ( today Friday? The Sleep Camel may not need sleep but she does need a calendar. All that not sleeping has confused her as far as when one day ends and the next begins) was the day that my fence, my beautiful, beautiful fence was supposed to be installed. Or start to be installed. I'm not exactly sure how long this particular job will take but I did request yesterday and today off from The Store so I could be around when it happened. You know, so I could stand at the window and giggle and rub my hands together with delight as I saw the dropped faces of all my neighbors who would realize they'd have to find another yard in which to let their dogs do their business.

But then I got a call from Fence Guy. He was calling to let me know there was going to be a slight delay. A job he had before mine didn't go as smoothly as planned and required more digging and more time. Plus, he said, he didn't know if he had told me this before but his wife is nine months pregnant and due to give birth at any time. So if that happened before he started my fence job, that would be another delay. He had mentioned that to me before and so I had been fully prepared for Fence Guy's wife to go into labor on the 15th since my fence was scheduled to go in on the 16th.

At any rate, my fence got bumped to some time next week and I haven't heard anything since. No definite dates, no birth announcements (though, Fence Guy, if it's a boy, I think you should name him Timothy Thomas), no nothing. But then, this morning, I opened the door to take the Gator Girl outside and was met by this sight:

It's going to happen! It's really going to happen!

Best. Sight. Ever.

Okay, maybe not ever. But still, I'm pretty damn excited by it. Just imagine how damn excited I'm going to be when Fence Guy shows up with his tractor and starts digging up my lovely lawn (this has been a sticking point with The Man) in order to install the fence. I won't be able to contain myself. It's true that I don't know when this pile of fencing will become a real, actual fence. The pile will definitely be there until Monday at the earliest because Fence Guy does not generally fence on weekends.

So I thought about that this morning and I thought about all the rain we're supposed to be getting over this weekend and actually had the thought, "is it okay for this stuff to get wet?"

Really, I'm smart in other ways.

It's possible the Sleep Camel does actually need actual sleep.

But maybe later. Have a great weekend, everybody. I'm off to look at my fence some more.


  1. Glad you can see progress about to happen!

  2. should break a bottle of champagne over it! A cheap one, save the good stuff for drinking mimosa's while watching Fence Guy put it up!

  3. I hope your new fence will be everything you dream it will be, and more, keeping out your neighbors, their dogs, and for some reason, mosquitoes. And you can electrify it, too, to keep out the velociraptors.

    May the fence be with you. Always.

  4. Can the fencing material get wet -- heeheehee that's hilarious! Best wishes for a glorious fence and a fetus who's happy to stay put for a while.

    I'm delayed in making my rounds - but I have an award for you over at my blog (6/13 post). :)

  5. I'm living vicariously through you right now. I want a fence, but I can't have one. Not because we can't afford it (I would literally sell my book collection), but because the kind of fence that would be of any use in keeping things out of my yard isn't ALLOWED in our neighborhood. So, keep the pictures and the fence posts (pun intended) coming. I agree with Brea - break some champagne over that baby when it's done.

  6. Haha, I actually had to think about whether it could get wet or not. In my defense, I just woke up.

    PS, I 100% approve of him naming his son Timothy Thomas. It only seems right.

  7. I remember building our first house, we went by every day to see if they'd started doing dirtwork, and one day they had. It was SO exciting. Then when a big pile of lumber was dropped off, it was both awesome, and sucky, because putting that much wood together to build a house isn't easy.

    Congrats again on the fence, people who don't care, don't realize what a BIG deal it is.

  8. Yeah, after my oh so brilliant "can this get wet?" thought, my sarcastic side took right over and responded with, "No. You have to take the fence in every time it rains."