Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back To The Storyboard

Remember that secondary male lead I told you about? The one I would've thrown down an elevator shaft if such a thing existed in my fantasy world (such an oversight, I know)? Well, I'm going to talk about him again and since I'm getting tired of calling him 'secondary male lead guy', I'm going to start calling him by his name.

Which is Dana.

I don't know why I didn't tell you his name before. I live in fear of spoilers so maybe that's why but whatever. His name is Dana (no last name) and he's a pain in my ass.

It's my own fault, I know. I'm the one who shook his very foundation and destroyed his entire world at the end of the first book. I'm the one who said, "Hey, look! Here's a road to redemption" and dropped him on it with a pat on the head and a wish for him to enjoy the view.

So can I really be all that irritated when he's decided that now maybe he'll extract a little payback for my treachery?

Turns out I can.

But I am (marginally) determined and shall (probably) not be defeated by this. So what if I develop a game plan and this jackwagon then finds a way to circumvent said game plan. I'll just come up with another one. It's what I do.

My newest plan involves the creation of another scene for Dana. I'm not looking forward to this because it involves me tearing apart an already carefully constructed story/time line (hence the title of the blog) and will lead me to spending a lot of time standing on the daybed in the office (sorry, pups, but you're going to have to make due with the floor) staring at my Big Ass Bulletin Board while I try to work out where this damn scene is going to go. Oh, and then I'm going to have to write the damn scene.

But I think this will work. I think that maybe Dana has been so damn ornery because maybe, just maybe, he's been holding out for more screen time.

Well, Mr. No Last Name, I think we're ready for your close up.

Just one last thing before I disappear back into the breach, dear friends:

Thank you, again, to everyone who took the time out to visit and comment on my blog yesterday. It's really quite kind of you. I feel a little like Sally Field, standing at a podium, clutching an Oscar and saying, "You like me! You really like me!" even if it should perhaps be more "You tolerate me! You really tolerate me!" or even "You're humoring me! You're really humoring me!" But whatever it is, I appreciate it.


  1. HA! Writers don't humor other writers, we haven't the time for it ;)

    I don't get these misbehaving characters everyone seems to have, I don't have time for it. I don't have time for a lot of things lol but that sounds like a pain in the outline.

    You will have it figured out in no time, and you will wonder why you didn't just do it that way the first time!

  2. The joy of misbehaving characters. Mine like to misbehave by not speaking to me when I want them too. I can sit in front of my laptop going "Come on Drew, talk to me, tell me what you want to say." And he just sits there quietly while I start pulling hair.

  3. Of course we like you! And don't worry about the last name - none of my characters have last names.

  4. Ditto to Alex. We really like you! :)

    Sometimes my characters give me trouble, too; they just don't fit the original idea I had, or a new plot idea comes up, etc., to throw everything up into the air again.

  5. I say you kick Dana in the kiester and get him to stop misbehaving lol. Anytime you need encouragement, I and other bloggers I'm sure are here to support you :)

  6. Those durn secondary characters. I had one disappear on me and I didn't notice it until edits. And he was kind of important. I'm still mad at him.

  7. Oh I hear you on this one. I'm ready to strangle my two leads right now.