Friday, May 20, 2011

In Which The Man and I Join The Digital Age

The Man and I did something a little crazy this week. We purchased eReaders.

The Man (who protests the title of this blog because he claims he joined the digital age a long time ago) bought a Nook. About thirty seconds after it arrived, he had it stripped of its operating system. A couple minutes after that, he had installed a different one on it. Then he installed the Kindle app (I find this to be particularly hysterical) but the eReader app he says he likes the best (so far that is) is Aldiko. Basically, he turned the Nook into a cheap(er) tablet and now spends his evenings playing a larger version of Angry Birds. The Man would also like me to tell you that he does more than play Angry Birds. Sometimes he reads eBooks. Last night he searched online real estate listings. I think we've just decided to move to a new house because it just might be easier than figuring out this damn fencing project.

Anyway, he can have it. I don't want or need that. All right. So maybe I'm a little jealous about the Angry Birds thing. Playing that game on my phone just sucks.

This just in: The Man would also like me to stop writing about him in this blog. Like that's going to happen.

So I went with the Kindle because I live half my life (or so it seems) on the Amazon website so why would I get anything else? Besides, I just wanted an eReader. I didn't want a tablet. I don't need to surf the web with a tablet because I have a desktop. And a laptop. And a so-called smart phone. I have plenty of web surfing capabilities. Why would I need another one?

Well, maybe to play Angry Birds.

The Kindle is charging now. I've had to keep swatting The Man away because he read an article somewhere on the World Wide Web about how you can do some hocus pocus to the Kindle and install Ubuntu onto it. Now The Man wants to do it. Just to see if he can. I don't really know what Ubuntu is (I heard them talking about it on an episode of Veronica Mars once though) or why anyone would want to install it onto their eReader but if it interests you, I guess its a possibility.

The Man, I think, is more excited about the Kindle than I am (he's just told me that he could install Android on the Kindle if I want). You should have seen his face when he came home from work this evening to find that I hadn't even taken it out of the box yet. I was like, "What? I had laundry to finish."

But I have since finished the laundry and now I'm looking at this Kindle and wondering how the hell am I going to decide which books to download and which books I'll buy in print. I need to reassure my non virtual books that the Kindle's arrival does not mean that I love them any less because I don't. The Man hopes that the Kindle will mean I'll bring fewer books into the house (like that's going to happen...right?). Of course The Man hopes I'll leave him alone with the Kindle long enough to install something— anything— on it.

Oh, life with a computer geek.

Have a great weekend. And may the world not end.


  1. I'll tear apart a computer, but not a tablet or eReader! Hope you get to enjoy your Kindle soon...

  2. I laughed my way through your whole post. Your man sounds like my brother. Funny.

    LOVE my kindle. my husband has an iPad but after staring at my computer screen all day, it seemed like I should not be staring at a computer screen for my kindle.

    I love, love, love, it. The only sad part is that I can't see the beautiful covers in color...

    SO - that's how I decide what goes on the kindle, and what I need. Awesome cover? Going to buy. Okay cover? Goes on kindle.
    The other awesome thing is that NO ONE KNOWS what you're reading...
    LOVE that.

  3. Hurray! Welcome fellow kindle user! I wish kindle had color capabilities, but I still wouldn't trade it for a nook. Amazon kindle's customer service is simple the shizzle!!!

  4. I love my kindle, but I really hope more of my favorite books get an ebook version added soon. One of the reasons I got it was so I could effectively be carrying a library around with me wherever I go.

  5. The only reason I like my Kindle is because you can carry many books around with you, especially when you're on vacation. That's not really the only reason, but I like actual paper books too much to stop reading those, too.

  6. I am still slow. I still read printed books.

    I awarded you the versatile blogger award, so please stop by my blog to get your award.

  7. Hmm how to choose... I think I would go with - favourites = physical book, pretty cover = physical book, everything else = ebook

  8. Welcome to the Kindle club. I lurve mine. If Beloved Husband ever touched it to do anything to it I think I would freak out. But I'm an only child and have trouble sharing things. Anyway.

    I buy most everything I want to read on the Kindle first. If I love it enough - I will buy the hard copy for the bookshelf. I figure the author deserves the extra dough.

    Although recently signed up for goodreads and am interested in the swap program, so maybe this method will change.

  9. Hmm, he sounds suspiciously like my hubby. He's has a nook and has told me he can install the kindle software on his nook so I can read my kindle books. My hubby would also install Ubuntu (linux based OS btw) on an ereader just because he could.

  10. I want a Nook SO bad! But I plan on letting it stay a nook. :-)

  11. I also share my life with a computer geek, so this post made me laugh. He bought me a Kindle, but had a hard time deciding what he wanted for himself because he wouldn't be able to "customize" a Kindle as much as he would like.

    I wasn't sure if I was going to like having a Kindle because I'm so attached to the idea of physical books. I love books and didn't want to give up buying them. So far there's no method to what I purchase and what I download, and I like reading on an e-reader a lot more than I thought I would.

  12. Too funny! I really like my Nook color, but I still prefer paperback and hardback versions.

  13. This cracked me up, as I also live with a computer geek and thoroughly feel your pain. My father was also a computer geek, so I don't know what I was thinking. I will NOT be allowing my husband to read this blog post, because I do not want him to get any ideas (he does not read, so the only e-reader here is mine and I don't let him touch it!). I may send this to my dad, though, who has probably already done all sorts of crazy geeky things to his e-reader. Sigh. Gotta' love them, right? We'll have to compare notes some time.

    I am also having trouble figuring out what I will buy for the e-reader I got for Mother's Day and what I will buy on paper. I got some free classics from Amazon, as well as a few books that sounded good, but that I might not have bought in paper form, at least not just yet. After that, I guess I'll be playing it by ear.