Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Which I Accomplish Something

So guess what I did today.

No, I didn't write anything brilliant. I didn't even write anything kind of okay. Except for the three sentences of this blog, I haven't written anything today other than a shopping list for tomorrow. And although it could be said that the composition of the shopping list is an accomplishment (those things never write themselves after all), it wasn't actually what I was going for. Nope, the accomplishment is not writing centric. I've not been swept away by a tidal wave of awesome sauce. My tide is still firmly out.

Stupid Rapture.

But I did accomplish something this morning. You know, besides getting out of bed before noon... (Note: this is a joke. I seldom sleep until noon, only doing so when I have pulled an all nighter and went to bed at 8am.)

I ran a 5k.

That's right. I ran a 5k. Not like a road race with other people or anything. Just me and my Gator Girl running with the goal of reaching 3.1 miles, just to see if we could. I know she could. She ran all those miles this morning and has spent the afternoon running circles around Big and me. Big was exhausted just thinking about running 3.1 miles. I've been exhausted since running the 3.1 miles.

Oh yeah. I ran 3.1 miles. Without crying. Without dying. Without walking. Without stopping. I did it. And then, because my thirty minutes of running time weren't quite up, I ran some more. Because, apparently, I am now crazy like that.

You know what this means? This means that, although I do fully intend to keep working on this goal, that should my shin splints decide to revolt tomorrow, that I can cross off one of my yearly goals.

I do love to accomplish goals. I think I shall celebrate with a rather large piece of chocolate cake.


The answer to yesterday's (or whenever it was I posted it) Quick Quote Quiz is Riley Finn. The episode is season four's A New Man (the one where Giles gets turned into a demon by Ethan Rayne).


  1. Good for you! I agree that chocolate cake is in order!

  2. I'm ALL for cake! Goals are a very good thing.

  3. If I had chocolate cake, I'm sure I'd run more. ;)
    That's a great feat, keep going!

  4. Congratulations. That is amazing. (And you did write something--the blog post. Hey, it's a little something anyway.)

  5. Congratulations on getting to 5K plus without dying (or crying).

  6. Congratulations! That's awesome!

    Running a 5k is on my list for this year. I ran and walked one a couple of months ago, but I want to run one without stopping.

  7. Outstanding! Physical fitness should top everyone's list. I believe writers and everyone else do a better job when they are physically fit. You must be there. Congratulations!


  8. I think that is great when you set goals for yourself and so rewarding when you accomplish them. I think that I float when this happens to me.

  9. I can go 3.1 miles. It just takes me a while.