Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zoinks, Zelda and Zoe! (Oh My)

Wow. It's the final day of the challenge. I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday, I was blogging about my sister-in-law and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. It's been fun. I've found a lot of great new blogs to follow and have had wonderful conversations with legions of new people. I think the A to Z Challenge has served its purpose.

But before we put this challenge to bed (oh, I am so tired), we still have to tackle the subject of the letter Z. And it's going to be a bit of a potpourri entry as you've probably already gathered from the title.

First up:


What can I say except that if I ever saw a ghost, I'd probably say something much worse than "Zoinks!"

That's right, gang. I said worse than Zoinks!

And then there's


I have a love/hate relationship with any version of this game. I love to play it but I hate it because, when I was a kid, every time I got thisclose to winning the whole thing, my character was mysteriously deleted and I'd have to start over. Now that I'm older, I'm still trying to beat the damn thing. I even found myself a step by step walkthough for "The Legend of Zelda" and "The Adventures of Link" and STILL I can't win because now I don't seem to have the same gaming skills I possessed in my youth. But I keep trying. What's that they say about the definition of insanity?

A screen shot of the latest Zelda. Can there be any wonder why I love this game so?

And finally, last but not least, there's


You didn't really think I would miss an opportunity to bring up the best gorram show ever, did you? I know some of you were probably hoping otherwise.

Zoe, in case you're unaware, is Malcolm Reynolds's first mate. They fought together in the war and came away from it with funny stories with rib cages in them (name that episode, anyone?). Zoe's married to the ship's pilot, Wash, and no one, with the exception of River Tam, kicks ass harder. If I couldn't be River Tam or Buffy Summers when I grew up, I'd want to be Zoe Washburne.

Here's a tribute film someone made in her honor:

All right, that does it for me today. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!


  1. Zoinks, so much better than jinkies.

    Well done on reaching the end of the challenge.

    Moody Writing

  2. Great choices. Haven't played Zelda but I love Scooby and Serenity / Firefly. Zoe rocks.

    Congrats on finishing the challenge.

  3. ZOINKS!!!!! OMG and Zelda....aww the memories!

  4. Scooby Dooby, Dooby Doo! The only cartoon I actually looked forward to seeing.

    Thanks for the follow, right back at ya!

  5. Zoinks is one of those words that is fun to say. Zelda what a great game.

  6. M.J., we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  7. I have an award for YOU! Come and check it out at my blog!

  8. Zoinks will forever make me think of Scooby Doo. Love it!