Thursday, April 28, 2011

X Marks The Spot

Come on, kids and follow me! We're bound on an adventure which shall surely lead us to buried treasure and make us rich beyond our dreams!

All right, so I'm totally lying about that.

I guess this post can be considered a treasure hunt of sorts because I am going to list the places I most want to visit and explore. So maybe the treasure won't be gold doubloons or anything but maybe it would be discovering some little out of the way bookstore in Ireland (where I bought Harry Potter books) or the best damn chocolate cake on Las Vegas strip. Maybe it'll be some little out of the way bookstore in Yekaterinburg, Russia filled with books I can't read (still didn't stop me from buying yet another set of Harry Potter books though). Or maybe it'll be a hysterical night spent with loved ones in an Orlando night club. At least I'm told it was hysterical. My memories of that night are coated with a long island iced tea flavored haze.

The point is, I want to go and see what I might see and these are the places where I want to go next. Not in any particular order:

1. Australia and New Zealand- The Man and I had tentatively planned a two to three week tour of the land down under for next year, to celebrate our fifteenth year of not killing each other. But since he can't stop talking about the Sandals resorts (friends of his jsut came back from one and of course they had to have a great time. A girl just can't catch a break some times) or Caribbean cruise ships (of death), it's not looking good. But I desperately want to go here and I want to see it all. I found a very cool sounding eco tour of New Zealand that sounded like heaven. I'm not sure about the sleeping in a hostel part of the trip but the rest sounded terrific.

2. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales- I'd love to disappear here for a good month or so just so I could be sure to have enough time to photograph everything in sight. I've been to Ireland before and saw only the smallest section of it. Kilarney, Blarney and the Ring of Kerry. Of course, the Ring of Kerry was so fogged in the day of our tour we didn't see much other than our lives flashing before our eyes every time we had to pass a car on those tiny twisting roads but still, it was one of my best days ever.

3. Alaska- It just seems like it would be really damn pretty. I don't really have a whole lot to add to that. It's just always struck me as a place I'd really like to go.

4. Ah, you know what? There isn't a number four. Not right now. Not really. I really want to get through trips 1-3 first. Plus, I forsee a tropical paradise vacation on my near future. I am a horrible person for not being overly excited about this, I know, but cruise ships scare the crap out of me.

I should keep an open mind though. I didn't think I'd enjoy Las Vegas as much as I did (at least I did enjoy it until the video roulette machine turned on me and stole all my money). And if I hadn't gone to Vegas, I never would've gotten to go to the Grand Canyon.

So where do you like to travel? Or where do you hope to travel to in the future? And are you as worried about a Y topic as I am? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Snap! First post I've come across with the same title as mine :-)

    I really, really want to see the Northern Lights one day (ever since I read Philip Pullman's HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy yonks ago!). And I want to go to New Zealand too (and a bunch of other places too numerous to list here!).

    PS. And I love your affectionate term for anniversary (year of not killing each other!)

  2. I'd like to go see all the wonders at Walt Disney World in Florida. I think that'd be nice.

  3. I'll take #'s 1-3 of yours and number four would probable be Yosemite. Sigh. Almost got there 13 years ago. I'll make it some time.

    And your title made me think of Sherlock Hemlock. Now I have that song stuck in my head. You know the one . . .

  4. I'd love to travel to Australia and New Zealand, definitely--but as for others? Gah, there are too many intriguing places in the world! LOL.

  5. that thar a jack sparrow 'burial', lass? :O lol

  6. I really want to go to new Zealand.

  7. My Y is Ypsilanti, Michigan. My husband and I visited there if 2006. We love traveling so much that we plan to do it full time a year from now. We will be traveling in an RV eating and cooking our way across America as The Traveling Locavores.

  8. I LOVE traveling and did a lot of it when I was young. Favorite places so far: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Oregon Coast, Maui, Moab, Miami. Places I can't wait to get to someday: Ireland, England, Tibet.

    Great post!

    Reflections on Writing

  9. @Sandy- My significant other's grandparents are living the full time RV life now. They really love it.

  10. Australia (with a side of New Zealand) tops my list as well, followed by Scotland/Ireland. But Alaska gets bumped by Prague, Thailand, the Galapagos, and probably a few others. First step: finding time to travel (and a dogsitter).