Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meandering Musings

Today, being Sunday, is an official day off from the A to Z Challenge that's all the rage in the blogosphere right now (I can't even believe the number of participants! More than 1200 bloggers, last I looked!) and yet, here I am, blogging anyway. I have it on good authority that certain people get irritated when they go to my site and have nothing new to read that day because for one reason or another, I did not post anything new.

Well, since I'm such a people you go.

The Red Sox lost again last night. My Heart's Desire Jacoby Ellsbury got himself a two run home run so I was pretty damn happy with that at least. Just kind of wish that was followed by about eight more runs....Oh well. If wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak (bonus points if you can NAME THAT REFERENCE!).

Here's a poem I wrote for the occasion (It is National Poetry Month, after all):

Roses are red
Violets are blue
These two losses in a row
Are making me pretty blue too.

The only consolations I'm taking from this kind of pathetic start is that we're only two games into a very long season and that the Tampa Bay Rays are playing just as badly as we are. The third game in this opening series just started. Maybe today will be our day...

In other news, I amused myself the other day by creating a book cover for Effigy. I'm not going to show anyone because it's like a middle school art project gone bad (there's a reason I'm a writer and not an artist). Still, I like it and it was a super fun way to spend an afternoon when I just wasn't producing any word count. On those days, I try to not pressure myself (is that a cop out?) and do something else book related (I've also been busy drawing three maps for my fantasy world. They are, of course, awesome), hoping that by taking the pressure off myself, the creative juices will get themselves flowing again and inspiration will strike once more.

This very thing happened yesterday, as a matter of fact, smack dab in the middle of the Gator Girl's obedience class. I'd been working on the 140 character novel pitch and went to class feeling wired and restless. Then, right when I was supposed to be working on my off leash heeling, inspiration struck. Of course, it was the one time in my life I was without a notebook or a pen or even my so-called smart phone on which to write myself a message. I stole borrowed a post it note and pen from the class instructor and scribbled some thoughts down but after that, I wasn't so much with the paying attention (If ever there was a time to play Simon Says. I never would have won yesterday.).

I really do love it when that happens.

Oh look. Clay Buchholz (Red Sox pitcher for you non fans out there) just gave up a home run. That seems to be a recurring theme in the Red Sox game plan so far this season. Let's hope we fix that going forward.

I'm going to sign off shortly so I can get some other non blogging related work done (The Man just let out a very loud guffaw at this. Seems mean. But valid. I have been blogging a lot lately.) but I just wanted to leave you with a preview of the Coming Attractions here on My Pet Blog...

Monday- A special sneak peak of my WIP Second Nature in which you'll have the opportunity to meet the main character, Cate.

Tuesday- A special birthday tribute to my overly large and sensitive German Shepherd, Big. Plus, a possible ode to Dr. Horrible.

Wednesday- Want to read the opening to my novel, Effigy? Well, here's your chance!
I have to stop at Wednesday because the rest of the week is still a little undefined. I haven't managed to settle on any particular topic as of yet.

Oh hey. Look at that. Clay Buchholtz just gave up another home run. Awesome. That reminds me. Here's a joke I wanted to post (and then I'm really going. I swear.):

A Yankees fan, Mets fan and a Red Sox fan are climbing a mountain and arguing over who loves his team more. The Mets fan insists he's the most loyal.

"This is for the Mets!" he yells and jumps off the mountain.

Well, not to be outdone, the Red Sox fan next professes his love for his team.

He yells, "This is for the Red Sox!"

...and pushes the Yankees fan off the mountain.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, y'all!


  1. Oh, I hope the Red Sox make you happy soon.

  2. I'm so jealous that you get cable and can watch the dreamy Jacoby Ellsbury... It stinks that they haven't been doing well.

    As for the reference, I know Spike said something similar on Angel (or maybe that exact line), and it's from a poem which both the name and poet escape me at the moment (and Googling is totally cheating).

    I can't wait for the opening to the novel! And you know I love a good Dr. Horrible ref!

  3. Looks like you've got a great week planned. Loved your poem. =D

  4. Eagerly awaiting the ode to Dr. Horrible. yay!

  5. The "if wishes were horses" quote comes from that sage of the space frontier, Jayne Cobb, in the television series Firefly (Ep: Objects in Space) but, Danni, you were on the right Joss Whedon themed track.

  6. Wow, I almost never miss a Firefly ref... I'm so disappointed in myself! Objects in Space is one of my favorite episodes too! (Ok, they all are...) I'm still pretty sure Spike made a reference to the poem in Season 5 of Angel or Season 7 Buffy I'm just having trouble figuring out which episode. I'll find it!