Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K Is For Keeping Calm

K was not supposed to be for Keeping Calm. K was supposed to be for Kicking Ass. K was supposed to be my love letter to the sublime River Tam and Buffy Summers and maybe even Sydney Bristow.

So why isn't it?

Because there's something wrong with Big.

If you're new to this blog, Big is my 8 year old German Shepherd. And there's something wrong with him which means that I will find it incredibly difficult to focus on anything other than what's wrong with him until I know what's wrong with him.

Yes, I am crazy protective and possibly over reactive dog mom whose dogs are her kids. The vet probably cringes when my number pops up on the caller id.

But Big's my kid and there's something wrong with him. So that's that.

He's incredibly clingy. Some of you familiar with Big will be laughing at that idea because he's such a Mama's Boy to begin with (in that long standing male German Shepherd tradition), but this is a new level of clinginess that I can't explain. He can't let me out of his sight. Generally, he's content just knowing I'm in the same house or on the same floor of the same house. At his worse (until now), he'll sleep out in the hallway just outside of whatever room I happen to be in.

But now? He's my shadow and the very second I stop moving, he sits on my feet and then lays down so I can't easily get away. And since he's 130 pounds and I'm not, I don't ever get away easily.

This has translated into a sharp increase in the level of anxiety in our household. Big's anxious which makes me anxious. But this is nothing to the anxiety that the Gator Girl feels and projects. She knows something's off with Big too and for her, it translates to a need to tag him at each and every opportunity.

As you can imagine, this has done wonders for Big's anxiety.

You know that riddle you did in school? The one with the man and the rowboat and the goat, the wolf and a bag of oats? The one where the man had to get all three items across the river but could only put one thing at a time in the boat and could only leave certain things together because otherwise things could get eaten?

That's been my life the last twenty four hours.

Even The Man noticed the anxiety and Big's new super fun weirdness when he came home from work yesterday. It concerned him enough to do a Google search (I have no idea what his parameters were) where he apparently found a site that suggested that perhaps Big was clingy because I was pregnant.

Cue spit take.

I'm not pregnant.

This morning, however, his symptoms seem to have expanded from the clinginess. He's not eating, not drinking, he's shadowing my every step with even more voracity and he's crying whenever he's had to walk up something (i.e. a flight of steps or even the one step to get in the car). So I called the vet this morning and left a message because they have later office hours today. Then I put Big in the car and broke some land speed records to get down in the area (our vet is an hour and fifteen minute drive away. There are lots of vets in between but this one is the best one) so that when they call back, we can be seen immediately. Or, if they can't see Big (they will. They do every time he's had an emergency), I'll be closer to the emergency room vets.

But until then, we're keeping calm. Or trying our damnedest. It is important that I remain as calm as possible (even though I am honestly FREAKING OUT) because dogs are so sensitive to what we're feeling. The smallest thing we feel gets magnified for them so Big knows that I'm worried. I just have to keep him from knowing how worried I am because I don't want him to be any more worried than he already is.

Oh-- there's the phone. That'll be the vet because no one else would be stupid enough to call me right now. Chat later...


  1. Hope things work out for you and Big!


  2. Hugs and Prayers for Big!! Keep us updated!!

  3. I'm so sorry! I hope that everything gets taken care of with Big!

  4. Remain calm! He's just trying to tell you something and the vet will figure out what.

  5. Breathing is good. Or so people say. It does help to not die though I don't know if there is a correlation between oxygen and calmness. I hope all turns out well.

  6. I am calm. Calm-ish.

    I have the best vet ever and I am optimistic (optimistic-ish anyway).

    Waiting on test results...

  7. Definitely remain calm even though it's really hard. I'm sure everything will be fine with Big.

  8. Hope the prognosis is good. We spayed our pup this week. She was clingy/wouldn't eat or drink. Then next morning she puked up an entire pair of shorts. She had eaten them a day or two before the surgery.

  9. Praying for you and Big. It's so tough when they aren't feeling well.

  10. Hope you figure out Big's problem. If only they could tell you what's wrong.

  11. Me and the girls (2 female GS) are saying prayers for Big. Sure hope it is nothing with either of you :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. I've given you an award! You can stop by my blog to pick it up! Still hope all is well with Big! Still waiting on an update <3
    Random Thoughts By Danni

  13. Hope everything is ok with Big! I understand your love and concern - my dog and cat are people too!

  14. It's horrible when your pets are unwell :(

  15. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Big. I can empathise. We've had our share of pet traumas :O)

  16. I'm sorry to hear about Big. I'm sure everything will be fine, but I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. @Susan- I need one of those collars like the dogs wore in the movie Up.

    Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone! An update is coming soon!