Saturday, April 2, 2011

B Is For Boston Red Sox

Hey, raise your hand if you thought this would be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer blog! I thought about it, I really did, but I decided to go with something a little more unexpected.

Hence the baseball.

Baseball season is upon us once more as the boys of summer are back in town. Well, my particular boys aren't back in town. I suppose you can guess who my boys are (Hint: Not The Yankees.). My boys are in Arlington, Texas as the New England weather in April doesn't often lend itself well to outdoor sporting venues. But that doesn't matter because I have cable.

The Man was less than thrilled when he came home to find the Red Sox on the television. He's not so much a baseball fan. It took me years to get him to watch football but I don't think he'll ever develop a love of baseball. It's all right with me though because it's easier to drool over Jacoby Ellsbury that way. Jacoby Ellsbury is adorable.

The rest of the team is pretty damn adorable too (Jon Lester, Dustin Pedroia, Daniel Bard!) and they generally play ball pretty well. I have to say 'generally' because, well, they lost yesterday. Not ideal, I know, but at least Ellsbury had a good game, right?

I'm sure we'll win tonight. Besides, it's early yet. It's all right if Toronto's at the top of the AL East standings and if the Yankees are ahead of us. We'll catch up. We usually do. Unless we're experiencing an insane number of injuries like we did last season. Then it might be a little more difficult. But still...I think this year will be THE year.

Here's a list of my Top Five Baseball Themed Films:

1. Fever Pitch- The one where Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore meet and fall in love. Oh, and the Red Sox win the World Series. How could ANYTHING else be number one?

2. A League of Their Own- There's no crying in baseball!

3. Field of Dreams- Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones go to Fenway Park.

4. The Rookie- A very nice movie where Dennis Quaid (playing real life major leaguer Jim Morrison) follows his dreams and becomes a major league pitcher. I like it even if Dennis's character plays for the Devil Rays.

5. Rookie of the Year- This movie makes me laugh. It's just silly fun. And besides, I've never seen Bull Durham or Major League.

Are you a fan of baseball? If so, for whom do you root? And don't be shy. If you're a Yankees fan, you can say so. I have a couple of very good friends who root for the Evil Empire and we make it work every day...

Oh, and one last thing, I really want to thank everyone who took the time to read and critique my novel pitch I posted this morning. Your feedback was amazing and very much appreciated.
You rock!!


  1. I am not a big sports fan but I do love Field of Dreams and A League of Their Own.

  2. hooray for another Boston Red Sox fan. I am a lover of the Sox as well. I have the same situation my man is not an organized team sport person so today I went to go see UT play with my mom. It was fantastic!

    Also on the note about the films A league of their own rocks, and field of dreams but I really do love the Rookie. One movie your forgot "the sandlot" :)

    keep em coming I am loving it.


  3. Oh - the Rookie is one of my favorites along with Field of Dreams. I'd add For the Love of the Game though. (although I've heard folks call it FOr the Love of Jane).

  4. Yikes! The hubby is a Braves fan. *sigh* He's NOT feelin' the love the past couple of years. He's hopin' this is THEIR year.

    I always loved the Yanks. *hoping we're still pals* I loved Field of Dreams. But I'm mostly football. So I'm okay you're okay?? *wink*

  5. Love the baseball post, love the movies, and love the fact that you are not a Yankees fan! Very entertaining!
    I will definitely follow!

    Another A-Z Challenge blogger!

  6. I haven't seen "The Sandlot" or "For Love of the Game" so that explains their absence from the list.

    And sure, it's fine if you love the Yanks. I even rooted for them to win a game once but only because their win would put the Red Sox into the playoffs. It was a very strange day for me.

  7. I was once a Milwaukee Braves fan. Tells you how long its been since I root-root-rooted for the home team!

  8. I haven't seen all those movies, should check 'em out :D

    I did see "Field of Dreams" and "A League of Their Own" - loved 'em both!

  9. I'm not into baseball so much as football, but I root for the Cubs. I know, the Curse. Ah well... My grandpa played ball for the Toledo Mudhens back in the 30's and my mother and sister are bananas about the game. My fave baseball movies are The Sandlot, Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, I also love The Natural.

  10. Um, nope. Not a fan of baseball. But I love BUFFY! :D

  11. I'm coming your way via the a to z challenge, and I enjoyed your post. I'm a baseball fan, as well, especially in the Spring when I can still have hope that the Mariners might have a good year!!

  12. ...being from the Cleve, I can't help but offer "Major League" for consideration. Ninety minutes of fun...and the good guys actually win for once;)


  13. Not a baseball fan, in fact my home sounds like yours in that Mrs RJR is a big soccer fan and I can take it or leave it.

    As for films "Field of dreams" is a classic, but I'm thinking more in a faith promoting than sports promoting way.


  14. Me, I'm a Tigers fan. ANd I love most sports movies. Raging Bull, Slapstick, A League of Their Own. But not The Natural. Too long, boring, and corny.