Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's The Haps?

I don't really know what to blog about today. I've tried a couple of different openings but they bored even me so I deleted them. I'm sure this is a sign that I shouldn't be blogging at all but the fact remains that the dogs are sleeping soundly and so long as I stay in this chair and don't power down my computer, they will stay as such. And, as long as they're asleep, I don't need to take them outside in the twenty below zero weather.

Remind me again why I don't live somewhere where the temperature doesn't drop below zero...

I'll be in Florida next week. The advanced forecast says the weather will involve sun and temperatures in the seventies. I could live with that. I remain optimistic that the Florida weather people are more capable than the ones in my neck of the woods. They keep saying we'll only receive about an inch of snow and then six inches later, I'm forced to call them big fat liars. So I hope the Florida meteorologists aren't big fat liars. Of course, even if they're wrong and it's only fifty degrees or something, it'll still be a hell of a lot warmer than here.

Did I mention that it's currently twenty below zero?

In other news, Big has an ear infection. It was first brought to my attention Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2am when he couldn't stop shaking his head and was agitated enough to demand that I get out of bed and put a stop to it. It took me, The Man, several cotton swabs and a triple dose of Rescue Remedy to get him settled down enough to get through the rest of the night. Needless to say we went to the vet Tuesday afternoon. I think the vet's office cringes when they see my number pop up on the display. But, to their esteemed credit, they always pick up. Hell, I was delighted to not be calling because of the cat for a change. They were probably delighted by that too. Big came home from the visit with an antibiotic solution to be put into each ear twice a day. He was not delighted by that. A friend of mine with a German shepherd told me her pup was just finishing a round of antibiotics for an ear infection. She said getting his meds into him was like wrestling an alligator going into a death roll. I am beyond grateful that Big's protestations are never insurmountable.

I am, however, beginning to think finishing my WIP just might be. I probably shouldn't be too hard on myself because last week was just bad for writing and this week thus far hasn't been any better. Not that next week will work out because of that whole vacation thing but whatever...Excuses, excuses, I know. Those last two chapters are just really putting up a fight. I keep working on them when the opportunity does present itself and write a paragraph here and there but I have to be honest, I am doing some crap writing on those pages. If I read in a book what I was writing in my own, I'd first be in hysterics because it was so bad. Later I'd be in a rage because some joker who barely possesses the skills to string together a complete sentence managed to publish a book and yet, I haven't. Still, I figure it's better to have something on the page. Like a jumping off point. It'll work itself out sooner or later. It always does.



In the meantime, I am going to continue building my big giant storyboard (I swear I will post the pictures soon). It looks kind of awesome and whenever I'm in my office, I can't stop looking at it. I had the thought today that anyone who looks at it (my office doubles as a guest room for when we actually have a guest willing to brave the cats) is going to know every single spoiler there is to know in my work. I hate that idea but I really love the board. So just be forewarned: if you're sleeping in my office and you don't like spoilers, keep your eyes focused elsewhere.

Anyway, it looks as though my time is up for this evening. The dogs seemed to have realized how late it is and they're both sitting at my side, staring very intently at me. If they had Jedi mind powers, I think I would be laying out a buffet of cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets right about now.

Why can't they stalk their father instead? You know, besides the fact that if they did do that, I would be overcome by jealousy...


  1. Hi Crusader! I've done the same thing more time than I can count (just with cats not dogs ... or a cat that thinks its a dog). I'll put off getting up to get a glass of water or going to the bathroom because the cat has finally settled down to sleep on the shelf next to my desk instead of trying to sit on my hands/keyboard/manuscript/back of my chair. Ah, pets: so cute, so annoying :)

  2. Our weather reporters keep claiming that we'll have rain. Just last night they said it was raining, and I knew it wasn't, so I looked outside, and...well...they were right. Sigh.

    Of course, we're complaining because we haven't gotten out of the 60s. But that's So. Cal. for you.

  3. Twenty below zero--ack! (I'm assuming that's Fahrenheit and not Celsius, although both are pretty frigid.) It's been in the teens and single digits here, but at least it was sunny and the days are getting longer.

  4. Yes, it's Fahrenheit, not Celsius. I think in Celsius it would be something like thirty below.

    I am thankful that the days are getting longer. Funny how those few minutes a day make such a difference.