Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

Well, it's the first day of spring in the Mount Washington Valley (and, you know, everywhere else too). Want to know how I know this? Because it's twenty degrees outside and there's four inches of snow in the forecast. Nothing says 'spring' in New England like four inches of snow.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, we're celebrating the changing seasons by taking bets on when the oak tree in the front yard is going to come down. It's no longer a matter of 'if'' the tree will come down. Nope, we're on to 'when'. The wind has been so bad this winter that this tree broke in a rather inconvenience spot: right in the middle of the damn trunk. There's actually a chunk of the tree on the ground. That happened after we had a big wind storm Thursday night. I'm really quite surprised it didn't fall then and there because the only thing keeping it from crashing down (and ripping out our power lines in the process) is a skinny little pine tree that's going to die after this because of all the abuse the oak tree has heaped upon it.

I, of course, am blaming my neighbor (seemed like the mature thing to do.). If she hadn't gotten The Man to agree to taking down all those other trees, we would still have a wind break and now I wouldn't be in the position to lose even more trees.

Whatever. Too late for that now.

So I called my trusty arborist (yes, that's right. I have an arborist. Some people have manicurists. I have an arborist.) and asked him to take a look. He reported that he probably wouldn't be able to do anything about it because of its proximity to the power lines. Oh, and the fact that the damn tree is pretty much impossible to climb unless you're a freaking squirrel. Which he isn't. Freaking or otherwise. He said we'd have to call and get the power company to deal with the problem. This might, he told me, require some harassment on my part.

As the unofficial harassment queen of the Mount Washington Valley, I am feeling quite up to the challenge. I'm planning to put it this way: Look, kids. You can either come now and deal with the problem when it's remotely sunny and kind of not totally freezing. Or you can come at two in the morning and work in the dark and with temperatures in the teens. Your choice.

Wonder which one they'll pick.

So be sure to place your bets. Winner gets to reattach my power lines...


  1. Once again it's an arborist to the rescue. Do those guys ever sleep?

    If you're starting a pool about what time of the morning the electric company will show for the poser lines, put me down for 2:27 am.

    Good luck!

  2. I suspect my arborist doesn't sleep. He probably just lives in fear of me calling him yet again.

  3. 4:37am for me. :) Good luck with the old oak.

    Marie at the Cheetah

  4. A pine tree in my neighbor's yard leans so far over my house, I'm afraid a slight wind will knock it down into my bedroom. Not to mention the pine needles that ruin my lawn every year. Can I get the number for your arborist?
    It Just Got Interesting