Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 Book Report

I said at the end of last month that March would be devoted to the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Turns out I'm a big fat liar. I started off doing that and then I became the big fat liar as it turned into a kind of free-for-all. I finished my first book earlier than I had planned and was stuck on vacation reading whatever was lying around.

Better luck next month, Sci-fi/fantasy. Except that I'm kind of leaning toward focusing on historical fiction next month. That, or suspense/mystery novels. Maybe May will work better for you, Sci-fi/fantasy. Anyway, here's what I did manage to read though:

CassaStar- Alex J. Cavanaugh- THERE'S KIND OF A SPOILER IN THIS. JUST SO YOU KNOW. There’s one point in this novel where the main character, Byron, is about to undergo a final test in his combat pilot training. He and the other candidates are told they’ll have to destroy a live target, that the drones at which they’ll be shooting will each contain a prisoner condemned to die. When I read this, it made me sit up and go, “wait…what?” I like it when books do that. I assumed it had to be a ploy and it turned out I was right but it still gave me pause. At times this book made me think of Top Gun, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. And while I am not particularly fond of Star Wars (unless it's of the Robot Chicken variety), I am very much a fan of the other two. I hear there’s a sequel to this novel in the works.

House Rules
- Jodi Picoult- Solved. Page 252. Still, quite a good read.

Serenity: Better Days
- Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews and Will Conrad- Graphic novel. Shiny but too gorram short. Hate Fox Network for ruining my life.

Mini Shopaholic
- Sophie Kinsella- I started reading this series and so I will continue to read this series even though Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is quite possibly the worst literary character on the face of the planet. All she does is lie and then lie some more and then, what’s worse is that everything always works out for her in the end. It drives me up a freaking wall, it really does. And now she’s going to Beverly Hills? Oh be still my heart. I know a lot of people really love these books and find them just hysterical but I am so not one of them. I keep exclaiming, "Oh my god, are you kidding me with this?" which then makes The Man exclaim, "Oh my god, could you please read something else?"

Love You More
- Lisa Gardner- A D.D. Warren novel. Kind of. I think D.D. was robbed in this outing because she didn't seem to get a whole lot to do. The focus was mostly placed (and rightfully so) on the murder suspect, Tessa. It's an interesting book and I liked it but it's billed as a D.D. Warren book and I really like D.D. Warren. I want her to have more to do next time. Anyway, like I said, this was an interesting book that managed to keep me in the dark a lot longer than some of Gardner's previous novels. Next time though, more D.D. That is all.

Cryer's Cross
- Lisa McMann- I wasn’t wild about this book. There wasn’t enough story in it for me. It started off strong and then just kind of meandered along not really working toward anything until BAM, hey, here’s the climax and boy isn’t it spooky (it isn’t.)! I loved her novels Wake and Fade (I was less thrilled with Gone.) but this one just didn’t do anything for me. I know it’s a YA novel but young adults aren’t stupid and don’t need to be pandered to. At least not the ones I know. This book felt like that to me.

So that does for my book report. Anyone out there in the blogosphere read anything interesting in the month of March? Tell me about it (and give yourself some bonus points if you just starting singing a certain Billy Joel song in your head like I did.)...


  1. I'm almost at the end of "Grotesque" by Natsuo Kirino, and it's not at all what I expected. I was thinking murder mystery/suspense/thriller, but it's something else entirely. The quote from The Times on the cover reads: "Cool, angry and stylish". and I couldn't agree more! It's been a great and compelling read, even though life isn't great for any of the characters.

  2. Hope that means you liked CassaStar! Glad it didn't remind you of Robot Chicken though. That scene really messed with my test readers as well.

  3. Robot Chicken CassaStar doesn't appeal to you, Alex? I don't know why. =)

    Trisha- It's interesting to hear a book described as 'angry'. Cool, actually. Makes me want to read it.

  4. I read an Abundance of Katherines by John Green, which was pretty good, but I must say his book Looking for Alaska was much better.

  5. I couldn't keep going with the shopoholic series, I just couldn't. And YES you're SO right about her character, makes me crazy!

    Will have to check out the Serenity graphic novels, maybe that'll be next cause Mike likes those, too.

    Cassastar is next on my reading list and those Robot Chicken people are freaking geniuses.

    I've read almost nothing but YA since the beginning of the year. I'm really ready for something different.

    Nice report =)

    I need a good historical... you know... if you wanted to do that next... ;D

  6. Well, I didn't read anything too interesting in March. I just ordered some RITA nominated boooks for April, so next month looks promising. :-)

  7. Great list, especially Serenity. I hate Fox, too. I'm reading a book about vanilla by Tim Ecott. Vanilla: Travels In Search of the Ice Cream Orchid is fascinating. I just finished Tales From the Edge of Forever by Alexander Hammond, a great twisted read.

  8. I liked the Shopaholic books, although I've only read the first three... Or 4, I can't remember right now.
    Definitely by Sophie Kinsella the best book is Can You Keep a Secret?

  9. I did love Can you Keep a Secret (I have a copy MJ if you want to borrow it). I finished How to Be an American Housewife and Watermark last week.