Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone. I hope if you're celebrating, you're doing so responsibly. Just remember kids: Designated Drivers make you cool.

Now that we have that PSA out of the way, we can move on to other things. This will be one of those potpourri blogs and probably a not very long one as I fell on the ice yesterday and hurt my wrist in the process, making it hard to type normally (I am currently employing the left handed hunt and peck method. Exhausting and irritating.) Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with me this winter. I don't think in the rest of my life put together I have fallen on the ice as many times as I have managed to fall this winter. It's embarrassing, really.

At least I'm not alone. Big has also taken quite a few tumbles this winter. The last one, Monday night, hurt his leg so much that putting any weight on it was a challenge so we're both sidelined and nursing our injuries together. It's too bad because today follows a miserable day of snow and more snow (Oh, I miss thee) and is sunny and warm-ish (I mean, it's only forty degrees but still, for here and now, that's sadly warm) and perfect for walking. But as Big can't walk and I can't properly hold a leash, we'll be laying low and watching the snow melt.

Not a bad plan B, as plan B's go. I mean, we could be watching it snow more.

The Gator Girl is a little less enthusiastic about this plan as it involves laying low and watching snow melt. Holding still is never on her list of things to do (Oh, my kingdom for a fenced in yard).

Speaking of a To Do List, I've gotten to cross some things off of mine. And by 'some things', I really mean 'one thing'. I managed to fix the dryer. That's right: me. I did it. On my own. Because I am damn lucky a mechanical genius. This means the laundry is back to a workable level again (still amazes me that this household produces as much laundry as it does. Must get the dogs to wear less clothing.).

I'm so happy.

I was going to follow this with a writing update but the truth is that this hunt and peck typing is getting old and I don't really have a lot to offer in the way of a writing update (damn you, you last two chapters) so I'm going to skip it for now and just get to the part where I sign off for the day and go watch the snow melt.

Snow melting really is a beautiful thing in March.

Now, if I could only get Big to pass the Jameson's. Wez got sum cellabratin 2 do...



  1. Happy St. Patty's Day to you. Also I love snow means warmer climate is on its way /does the happy dance.

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    I hope your wrist heals quickly!

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day, mechanical genius! I completely agree that dogs should wear less clothing. Hope your wrist feels better soon.

  4. Sounds weird hearing you talk about ice and snow when it's sunny and warm in L.A. I actually got rather hot today.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Sorry about your wrist. I hope it heals quickly and properly,

    I signed up for the A-Z Blogging Challenge (#472) and saw your name on the list so I just stopped by to check out your blog and say "Hi". I look forward to reading your "alphabet" posts in April.