Monday, March 21, 2011

And The Tree Tree Tree Came Down Down Down

How many guys from the power company does it take to to cut down a tree?

This morning I found out.

The Man called the power company this morning at 8 o'clock. I suspect he did this because he saw that gleam in my eye when the arborist said we'd have to harass them to come and deal with the problem of the tree. The woman to whom The Man spoke told him that she'd send someone out to take a look at it.

They came at 9:30 this morning (So, sorry Ava, but you lost the pool...). At first there were two of them. And then there were four more. They came with three trucks and between them, they managed to get a rope around the tree and use one of the trucks to pull it upright enough that one of the guys could cut it (and a couple of other trees with it) down with a chainsaw. The big tree is stretched across my front yard now. Well, now it's covered in snow so you can't see it but this is what it looked like before the snow fell:

I guess we'll have some cleaning up to do in the morning. Maybe I can just use the dogs' search and rescue harnesses and make them earn their kibble for a change. Tote that trunk, lift that branch...


  1. Damn! But did I win the "how many power employees does it take to cut down a tree" pool?

    I have to tell you, my brother (the arborist) had a pit bull (who truly believed she was a lap dog) that would use that tree as a play toy and drag it around the yard. I really think that's why he became an arborist. So he could have a never ending supply of small trees and huge branches for his little Zena to drag around.

    Glad it got taken care of and that no people or animals were injured in any type of chronic harassment situations.

  2. p.s. Nice Bambi allusion in the title!

  3. Aack! I meant Winnie-the-Pooh.

    Here, let me comment a few more times for no apparent reason.

  4. It is my experience that all dogs who should not be lap dogs truly believe they are lap dogs. My GSD is 130 pounds and thinks he always belongs in my lap. We call him our lap dog built for two...

    I am a little disappointed I didn't get to harass anyone but I am very glad the situation was resolved so quickly and I no longer have to worry about power lines getting ripped off the house.

    And I don't think we had a how many employees pool going but I have to send a massive amount of bonus points your way for not only getting my Winnie The Pooh allusion but also leaving me three comments. So be on the look out for those...

  5. So you're saying that as long as it's a power line issue, the power company will come out and cut the tree down? Now I just have to go move some power lines...
    It Just Got Interesting

  6. I know, Brent. I had the exact same thought.