Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sick Cat (Plus, A MEGA CAT Vs. GATOR GIRL Update)

Vader (Sick Cat) went to the vet this week for her yearly shots (just one, rabies) and for a check on her various diseases. No one really know what's going on with her and it seems every time we see the doctor, we come home with a new diagnosis and a new prescription. If you're new to this blog, these diseases have run from cat herpes to cat asthma to cat chlamydia (yes, it would appear Vader is a wheezing cat slut) to some mystery disease no one can diagnose (Does House take on veterinary cases?). The treatments for these various diseases has been a veritable pharmacy of antibiotics and steroids and I don't even know what else. There's been a lot of them as we've tried (and failed) to find something that would knock the mystery disease out of poor Vader's poor beleaguered system.

Three antibiotics ago, we had pretty much scarred Vader for life (more so, even, that the introduction of canines into the household). The antibiotic made her foam at the mouth like she was a miniature version of Cujo. The replacement antibiotic made her lose her appetite and, consequently, most of her body mass. We had an eye ointment for approximately two days before it made her face swell so badly she couldn't open her eyes enough for me to get any ointment in there. This was apparently an allergic reaction. So we had to lose the ointment and substitute yet another appetite robbing antibiotic.

(Vader weighed in at seven pounds on visit this week. Six of that, I'm pretty sure, is fur. She really needs to be shaved because her fur has become horrible matted in some spots but it's just so damn cold, I can't justify doing it. She's going to have to deal with it until it gets warmer.)

But, through all that, we somehow managed to maybe, just maybe cure some of these infections (the Mega Cat, by the way, is not at all sick. At least physically. There are definitely some mental issues going on in that thick cat skull of hers.). The vet was very pleased with Vader's progress...until he noticed her snot filled nose. Cue nasal swab and Vader looking at me like she was planning my slow and painful death. Fast forward a few minutes while the nasal swab was examined under a microscope, followed by the doc offering me a latin-eqsue tongue twister (English translation: snotty nose) and prescribing the latest in our revolving cat pharmacy.

She's been on the new meds for a few days now and, just like with the ointment, the left side of her face is swelling up like a balloon.

Can anyone say 'allergic reaction'?

Looks like we're going back to the drawing board, kids.

So, in other news, the MEGA CAT and GATOR GIRL Battle Royale came to a screeching halt yesterday when their endless antagonizing of one another bleed into civilian territory. Me. During a viewing of The Vampire Diaries (I heart Damon Salvatore) of all things. Definitely not a good time to interrupt me. It ended with MEGA CAT thinking her best and only escape route from the GATOR GIRL was to run up my face.

We. Were. Not. Amused.

And after I finished applying all the necessary neosporin and gauze and band aids, I put an end to the Battle Royale. And no, I did not drop kick either animal into a snowbank no matter how tempting that idea was. They made the very wise decision to call a truce that lasted a full twenty four hours (but mostly, I suspect, because the Gator Girl was out of the house most of the day today) and are currently bitch slapping each other up and down the living room.

Ah, the joys of pet parenthood.


  1. Hi crusader. Just dropped by to introduce myself - I'm in the sci-fi/fantasy group in the crusade, so we're overlapping in genre. Good to meet you.

  2. Sorry about your face - that must've hurt!

  3. Just stopping by to say HI! I'm a fellow crusader and new follower.

  4. OUCH! That would have hurt ;) I know how it is, my cat "plays" and gets rather vicious about it. hehe. Damon is HAWT isn't he? lol