Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Bits of Randomness

It's Inventory Week at The Store and Ruthie and I are up to our necks in prep work for the main event (Thursday night). These means lots of boring, tedious work that will all have to be undone come Friday morning. Ruthie and I both have to be at The Store at 7:00am tomorrow for an exciting 8 hour day filled with ticket checks (checking to make sure that each and every item in the store has attached to it a scannable ticket). My life is so exciting some times I can hardly stand it.

Speaking of exciting, I saw a trailer for the upcoming Justin Bieber movie. And yes, that is a sarcastic use of the word 'exciting'. To understand this, we have to go back a couple of Mondays when I was last visiting at my mother's house. My niece, Jupiter, asked me to take her to the Justin Bieber movie because both her Auntie B and my mother had rejected that idea. My initial response was, "Wow, I can't even tell you how much I don't want to see that movie." But because I am a sucker and don't get to see Jupiter all that often, I said okay. My current plan is to bring my iPod and a book to read. Is it true that the Justin Bieber movie is in 3D? Oh, the horror.

Speaking of horror, Heather and I are planning to watch Mega Python Versus Gatoroid this weekend. We've decided to turn it into a drinking game (NO WINE) and received some good pointers from my Facebook friends. Can't. Wait.

Speaking of Gatoroids, the Gator Girl and I attended an obedience class on Monday night. We started to play Simon Says when the instructor said something about my double win on Saturday. This prompted one woman in the class to ask if I could be disqualified before we started in order to give the others a sporting chance. I wasn't disqualified and played my way to a three way tie. I told you, we take obedience class Simon Says very seriously.

I fell down the stairs last night and bruised the hell out of my, uh, upper thigh. My slippers are too damn big and I've been saying for years that I really need to invest in a pair that actually fit my feet so things like this don't happen. But yeah, it happened. It was my second stupid fall in recent memory (all immortalized here on My Pet Blog for your reading pleasure...you're welcome.) and as things happen in threes, I fully expect to be writing about how I fell off a ladder at work during inventory or some such nonsense. I am lucky that I haven't broken anything in my falls though I have to say that I have decided to eat more cake. My ass obviously needs the padding.

This morning when I took Big out, he spotted a crow in the sky. Big hates birds. I don't know why but he hates them and doesn't like them in his yard any more than he likes anything else in his yard. The crow landed in a tree and Big went into what Joe and I call his 'bucking bronco' routine where he throws a fit so the intended subject (in this case a crow) will know just how damn scary Big is. Well, the crow was not intimidated. Big stopped bucking and looked at the crow like, "What the hell, man? I'm scary, dammit!" and then started up again. The crow remained unimpressed and I had to drag my big scary dog back into the house.

And finally, last but not least, I'd like to wish the best of luck to everyone out there participating in the RPM challenge this month. If you don't know what it is, think NaNoWriMo but for musicians. The goal is to write and record a 35 minute album in the month of February. My friend, Mike, is one of the participants. I don't know much about the recording side of music but when I told Joe about this project, his first response was, "That's insane!" So good luck to everyone involved!

Well, that wraps it up for me tonight. Hope everyone survives the big storm...Stay safe!

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  1. I keep thinking I'm going to fall down our stairs one day. I don't think it will be my slippers--they fit pretty well. I just have this bad feeling. I need to be careful.

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