Saturday, February 12, 2011

In Which I Waste My Time (And Other Tales)

I went to work (the day job) yesterday.

The end.

No, really. The entire experience was a complete waste of my time. It was a stupid four hour shift and for the first two hours, I did nothing because there was literally nothing to do. There was no shipment, there was no folding, there was nothing that needed to be done. There weren't even any customers in The Store which was too bad because, honestly, I would have helped them because I was that bored. So I did nothing.

Well, I did try on some clothes and bought myself a couple of sweatshirts that were on clearance. My shift will have about covered the cost of my purchase, which is nice, I think. But yeah, for two hours, I did nothing but stand around and get paid for it. In all honesty, I would have rather stayed home in front of the computer.

The other two hours of my shift were spent unwrapping flip flops and dealing with the day's shipment (seven whole boxes) and taking my company required fifteen minute break. This made me laugh as I hadn't done anything all day but sure, what the hell, I'd take a break. I got paid for it and sat around for fifteen minutes longer than I was supposed to because by that time, I'd finished everything that had cropped up to be done and so I was back to having absolutely nothing to do.

After work, I stopped off at the book store because I had a coupon. I went in, picked out my book (another vampire romance not so secret shame) and went to the register to pay. It was there that I was, once again, hit up for the store's rewards program. And not the regular program for which I signed up years before. And not even the special gold program of which I was apparently just made a part of (possibly because of my shopping habits. If they know you by name at the bookstore, you might be there too often) but the special rewards program that's a step above the gold program. And it only costs the customer $20 a year to join.

I politely declined. I know they have to try and upsell the customer on this stuff. I work in retail and I'm expected to do the same (I stubbornly refuse, much to the delight of my boss) so I try to be understanding when I get hit up for this stuff. But I've refused multiple times. And I had told this particular cashier multiple times that I just wasn't interested.

But she just wouldn't let up.

I don't like to be harassed. Anyone at The Store can tell you this. I have flatly refused to get direct deposit if for no other reason than they bugged me about it one too many times. Bookstore Lady probably should've checked with The Store because then maybe she would've known that the quickest way to lose my (apparently considerable) business would be to harass me.

And that's what I told her. Before I paid for my vampire romance novel and left. Very dramatic like. And just when I think I'm done, just when I think I'll be doing all my book shopping on Amazon, the company sends me a forty percent off coupon in my email.

Evil brats.

Normally this isn't a problem for me, snubbing businesses I have decided need to be snubbed. When a particular hotel chain pissed me off years ago, I said I'd never stay in one of their hotels ever again and no matter how good an offer they sent (and believe me, they sent some very nice offers. Joe was very sad.), I never went back.

But the book store? That's a whole other story. Can I truly deny myself a forty percent off coupon? I guess we'll find out...

What else happened on Friday? Oh yeah, I received a card in the mail from Classic Trains Magazine. Some of you might be laughing right about now. If you don't know why that's funny, click HERE to find out. The CTM people are offering me a free trial issue and a free gift. I think the free gift is a booklet entitled "More Great Train Stations". Apparently the promise to remove me from the mailing list was only good until the end of last year.

I have decided not to take them up on their offer.


  1. I hate days like that!
    And if the 'bookstore' was Borders/Waldenbooks, don't do it - they're about to go belly up from what I hear. That's why they want your money!

  2. Ahh yes, the upsell. The aggressive won't take no a thousand times upsell. Good times.

    There are a few store I frequent doing the aggressive upsell and reminding me of that Jehovah's Witness woman that wouldn't stop coming to my house last year. She apparently was offering the ultimate upsell. I still wasn't buying.

    I have a hotel chain and a major department store on my list of "never agains". I'm a consumer with which stores should not cross. *insert evil laugh*

    We're just two peas in a pod, huh? lol

  3. MJ, I lol'd. No really. Actually gave voice to the hee-hawing in my head. The hubster even asked, "what's so funny?" I blithely answered, "You had to be there, in my head, at the moment I read this post." He hmmmphed and went back to watching some gamer broadcasting a live MW:Black Ops session on his laptop. Men!

    I've experienced a similar problem, only with a wholesale club. One particular cashier, I call the checker fiend, would see me coming and wave me over. Like I really had a choice. Her's was the only register open. My response to her $45 dollar membership upgrade wasn't equivocal. I'm shook my head, saying, "I'm not interested." She persisted as if stuck on auto-play and I wondered if she was an evil robot from the future whose mission was to torture humans that buy in bulk. Maybe on Future Earth, wholesale buyers try to destroy the world with family-sized bottles of orange juice and giant barrels of cheese balls.

    More likely, though, it's a spontaneous revolt, consumers taking down pushy cashiers who can't, or won't, accept "No" as an answer. In the meantime, I've figured out her schedule and refuse to shop on those days.

  4. Ava, we certainly are two peas in a pod. And I am also certain that our blacklisted businesses are devastated by our boycott.