Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Which I Pull A Ninja All Nighter, Part One

10:oopm: I take the dogs out. While I wait, I do jumping jacks. Don't judge. It's cold outside. Plus, I ate two pieces of cake and a whole mess of chocolate chip cookies earlier.

10:20pm: I send the dogs to bed, a sure sign I am serious about this all nighter. I change into my, 'cause I'm a ninja. A writing ninja.

10:22pm: The writing ninja trips over Fat Cat and falls down the stairs. But, you know, stealthily.

10:30pm: I barricade myself in my office armed with only a nalgene filled with water (if there was ever a time to drink coffee...) and a roll of giant smarties- the official food of ninja all nighters. I am so prepared to do some word count assassinating.

10:31pm: Just as soon as I check in on Facebook.

10:33pm: And Blogger. Hello, new followers! So nice to make your acquaintance. I look forward to checking out your blogs in the days to come.

10:40pm: Oh hey look...there's an actual word processing program on this computer. How long has that been there? I open it up and start the mood music. This is a special writing playlist I developed comprised of instrumental music stolen from my favorite soundtracks, including but not limited to The Lord of the Rings movies.

10:45pm: I decide to start by writing out Second Nature's time line as I think I am screwing that up. I really want to know where and when my characters are doing what they do.

10:50pm: Turns out I was right. I did screw things up but not as badly as I thought. Go me.

10:51pm: I start work on actually writing an actual scene. It's one that's been giving me a lot of trouble for quite some time now. So much trouble, in fact, that my writing progress has been pretty nonexistent so far this year. It involves a man and his drink and his depression.

11:00pm: The writing ninja chokes on an overly and unexpectedly sour giant smartie. But, you know, stealthily.

11:22pm: Minesweeper. I lose. I write something brilliant.

11:33pm: The scene also involves a dagger. I get one of mine (yes, this means I have more than one) out of the closet to help facilitate thinking.

11:43pm: More Minesweeper. More losing. The writing ninja pops some more giant smarties and wonders why she doesn't get more done.

11:48pm: The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is really beautiful. That is all.

12:09am: I actually spell 'unscathed' as 'unscaved' and for some reason, Spell Check seems to take issue with this. It takes me two tries to correct it as Spell Check doesn't recognize what word I am actually going for. But on the bright side, at least it means I'm writing.

12:10am: I celebrate this development by checking Facebook. Someone commented on my status. I'm surprised to see it because normally my not so smart phone makes noise whenever someone does this because I'm too ignorant lazy (is there anything truthful that doesn't seem so pathetic? I don't think so.) busy to change the settings. Why didn't I hear it?

12:20am: Oh hey, look. The not so smart phone is in another room. With the sound off. Yeah. I'm smart like a ninja. A really stupid ninja.

12:40am: Somehow, against all odds, I have managed to write 540 words. This, I know, is not a lot but it is a Big Deal for me because I've written next to nothing for so long. The giant smarties and dagger must be working!

12:52am: I put on A Perfect Circle's album Thirteenth Step as their songs often embody the character I am working on. With? For? Somehow, 'for' seems the most accurate.

1:15am: I add Alice in Chain's Down In A Hole and Johnny Cash's Hurt to the playlist. This particular character is not in a good emotional place.

1:17am: I download mp3s from Amazon. I write something brilliant like the writing ninja I am.

1:20am: I lie on the floor in my office with my dagger on my chest as I try to figure out what my drunk depressed character does next.

1:25am: I put the dagger to the side and decide to do sit ups as described by Spenser in the novel A Savage Place. Spenser does 100 sit ups. I do less.

1:30am: Back to work. I swear, this scene/chapter is almost done.

1:35am: I think I might be ready to declare this scene/chapter finished. At least for now.

1:36am: I celebrate my writing success by changing the language setting on my Facebook page to "pirate." And no, I'm not kidding. Arr!

1:38am: I try to get back to work and get distracted by the thought of macaroni and cheese.

1:42am: I am now distracted by my online search for vacation rentals in Bar Harbor. For August. Nothing like planning ahead.

1:43am: Have I mentioned that Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt is frakking awsome? Because if I didn't, I meant to.

1:45am: I stop searching and contemplating food and start work on the next chapter. This one involves a new character in an equally bad emotional place. If I ever write a happy, well adjusted character, someone should probably check to make sure the pod people didn't get me.

2:24am: Wow...did I really work that long without Minesweeper or other distractions? I stop because the giant smarties ran out a while back and my stomach is demanding food.

2:30am: Break time. Which, I know, is laughable given the night's events. The word count total is currently sitting at 759. I am a pathetic writing ninja. But, you know, stealthily...


  1. I love this - 10:22pm: The writing ninja trips over Fat Cat and falls down the stairs. But, you know, stealthily.

    I actually laughed out loud. Love these two posts, and good job on the progress! I'm trying to give myself a writing habit if you wanna join. It's my answer to my lack of self discipline :).