Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Which I Pull A Ninja All Nighter, Part Two

3:00am: Food. Must. Have. Food. As I don't want to use the stove or the oven or the microwave (it'll wake the dogs), I settle for chocolate chip cookies. Another food perfect for ninja all nighters. The cats meow a lot at me as I liberate the cookies from the pantry. This does not wake the dogs. Go figure.

3:05am: Back to work. My computer is requesting that I restart it because of some automatic update. I tell the computer I'll restart later. I'm busy, dammit.

3:10am: See, computer, when I said 'later', I actually meant more like twelve hours from now. Not five minutes.

3:13am: Not NOW, dammit. Later.

3:15am: A pop up window informs me that the computer will restart shortly whether or not I want it to. Really? Fine. Go ahead and restart. I'll go get some more chocolate chip cookies carrot sticks.

3:15am: I had glasses earlier. What did I do with those?

3:20am: Why is the iPod always so heavy metal happy at this time of night? It's probably good though because the acoustic folk music would run the risk of making me sleepy. Sleepier. Not that writing ninjas ever get tired. Because they don't. Or so I hear.

4:00am: Tesla and Savatage, back to back to back to back.

4:38am: I discover a continuity error in Chapter 37. I make a note to come back and fix it later. Tonight's about creation. Not revision. Stupid continuity errors.

4:46am: I start work on Chapter 38. This is a Very Important Chapter. A VIC if you will. If I can knock this chapter out before the family gets up, I will be very happy. For a change.

5:08am: Oh good. Skid Row and Motley Crue. And yes, that's me being sarcastic. The Significant Other's the metal fan. Me, not so much. But as I am too lazy busy to get up to change the music, I deal with it.

5:13am: The night's word count is now at 1049. Still kind of pathetic but as it is progress, I will take it.

5:15am: I hear the Gator Girl start pacing upstairs in the bedroom. The dogs, pathetically, never sleep well at night when I'm not in the room with them so this is a sign that the night's coming to a close. Maybe another forty five minutes before I'll have to exchange my writing ninja mask for my dog mom hat.

5:41am: Oh. My. Can it be that Chapter 38 is now in the 'Done' column? You know, at least for now... Still, how the hell did I manage that? I mean, that's right. I'm a writing ninja type person with ninja writing skills. Yeah.

5:43am: Start working on Chapter 39.

5:45am: Stop working on Chapter 39. I still have no idea where this particular scene is going to go. I'll come back to it later.

5:46am: More jumping jacks. Blood flow is instrumental in staying awake. Why don't I have a caffeine addiction like any other self respecting writer?

5:48am: My knees hurt. Back to work! Writing ninjas, ho!

5:59am: Maybe This Time, my self proclaimed theme song, puts in an appearance. It's gonna happen, happen some time. Maybe this time, I'll win... one can only hope.

6:03am: Bonus Time! And hey look. Chapter 43 is also unfinished.

6:05am: And I don't know how to remedy that. I could be hitting what the kids call a wall. Stupid sugar crashes.

6:06am: Am about to pull the plug on the iPod when The Black Keys' song Chop and Change comes on. This we must listen to. If I ever finish writing Second Nature and get to the revision part of life, this will be my theme song. So what if it doesn't technically have anything to do with editing.

6:08am: The Gator Girl's pacing more. The Significant Other is not going to listen to that for much longer. If I was smart, I would wrap things up now and just go get the dogs.

6:09am: Never been noted for being smart. But you probably already knew that.

6:15am: Hitting the wall over and over again. Chapters 44 and 46 start off unfinished and end off unfinished. The current word count total is 1427. Must write 73 more words. It's what a ninja would do.

6:19am: 46 more words. I feel like it's 11:58pm on November 30th.

6:22am: Holy Crap. I did it. I hit 1500 words. Sure, it took me eight hours to do it in but this is still Very Big News. If you're me.

6:23am: I hear a herd of elephants come down the stairs. Nope, my mistake. It's just my dogs. Thank goodness. I am beat.



  1. Yay 1500 words! Go you :). Progress when you haven't had any for a while always feels great.

  2. Hello from a fellow crusader. You're dogs wake up if I even head in the general vicinity of the kitchen and provide an escort to make sure that I don't by-pass it. Congrats on hitting your word count. Progress is progress.

  3. Kristal- the only reason I was able to get to the kitchen sans escort was because my dogs were trapped behind closed doors in another room. Otherwise, I have two constant four legged shadows. Occasionally four four legged shadows, if the cats decide to get in on the action. =)