Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In The Mail

I received a special treat in my mail today. And no, it wasn't another subscription offer from Classic Trains Magazine. Instead, it was a letter from The Store informing me that I am one of 400 employees, company wide, who have been selected to take part in a nation-wide survey to determine which company will receive the title of "Best Place To Work."

My first thought was, "Wow. You really don't read my blog, do you?"

Which, don't get me wrong, is a very, very good thing.

Still, I was beyond amused to have received this survey. I'm looking at it right now, trying to decide whether or not I should fill it out and mail it back. I'm also laughing about the letter which accompanied the survey, the one that takes the time to remind me why The Store deserves the title "Best Place To Work." The one that describes all the great things employees get to do, never mind the fact that I've never gotten to do any of them.

If you work at the west coast corporate office, you get to do those awesome things (and I have to admit, they really are awesome). If you work in an east coast outlet, this is what you get:

A phone call at 6:30pm Monday night from your boss telling you that she forgot to mention this during the two hour life draining staff meeting on Sunday but the district manager will be in The Store on Wednesday so everyone working that day (like me) must be wearing clothing from the current line so if you don't already have something (I don't), you'd have to come in and buy something to wear because the district manager would be looking for that.

First of all, I work in the stockroom where no customers go. Second of all, my shift will be over before the district manager arrives. Third of all, this phone call comes a day after the announcement that everyone working this coming Saturday (like me) has to purchase a special tee shirt (one which, by the way, doesn't have the company name or logo or anything on it) to wear that day to make sure the customers know who the employees are.

Silly me, I thought that's what the frakking name tags were for.

Is there a survey for the most ridiculous place to work? Because that's a survey I could get behind.


  1. Hey Crusader,

    I can understand that. Working in retail or an actual store is much different then sitting in an office. Some who have worked their way up understand, but those who have sat in a plush office from the beginning often don't understand the inner workings and how utterly ridiculous some of their requests are.

  2. When I read the title, I seriously thought it was another Classic Model Train offer. lol.

    But oh, the temptation to really fill out that survey. I don't even work there, and I'm tempted. Are there two devils on your shoulders, or a devil and an angel?

  3. Oh-kay. Yes, that does sound quite ridiculous.

    Nice to meet you fellow Crusader! LOVE your avatar :)

  4. It sounds like if they are making a specific request they should have to buy the stuff for you. Even fast food workers don't buy some of their stuff. LOL

  5. Ah, the joys of retail. I remember it well. Unfortunately.

    You have to fill out that survey. Be honest. Because, well, just because.