Monday, February 21, 2011

75 %

This is a reference to the success rate I experienced with the goals I set for myself at the beginning of last week. I set four goals. I accomplished three of them. Fell a little short on that last one but still, three out of four ain't bad, is it?

Here's what I set out to do:

1. Complete three 30 minute work outs. No matter how much lip I have to take from that stupid microchip. One of the yearly goals I set involved training for a 5K and working out will be a big step in that direction. I guess I could always run outside. It will be above freezing at some point this week. Or so they say.

I did this. I didn't run outside although I did take the dogs for a walk outside because it was so nice and warm and it seemed a shame to not take them with me. And, if you read yesterday's blog, you know I spent some time yelling rude things at my Wii trainer. As he greeted me with boundless enthusiasm this morning, I don't think he noticed.

2. Take the cats to their vets. This is only a big deal because most cats are a pain in the ass to take to the vets. Vader is very easy to take to the vet, however, her doctor is an hour’s drive away and whenever we go, we seem to have a horrendous experience (diagnosis wise). Read about the worst of our visits (the one that inspired me to take her to a new vet an hour away) HERE. Fat Cat is an absolute terror to take to the vet. Her vet appointments have, on occasion, translated to an ER visit for me. The only thing I can reasonably hope for now is that she’s become too damn fat to move. That, or the doctor gives her some tranquilizers.

I managed to accomplish this and all parties involved managed to walk away with all appendages in tact. But if you've looked at this blog in the last few days, you would've known that already. Moving on...

3. Finalize Florida vacation plans. The Man's grandparents winter down there and every year we say we’re going to go down for a visit. And every year something comes up that requires us to not go to Florida in the winter. One year it was the need to replace our washer and dryer. This year, however, we are going to make this trip a reality. And it (the plans) is going to happen this week.

We did this Saturday night. Everything's planned and all that's left is for my boss to approve my time off. If she doesn't, I guess I'll just quit...

4. Finish Schism. My WIP Second Nature is currently broken up into three sections. The first of these sections is Schism and I will finish writing it by the end of the week. This is going to require me to buckle down and work out some big problem chapters but I feel kind of confident that I can get this done.

I did not accomplish this goal. Of course it's the writing goal, right? I had to write eight chapters in order to complete Schism and I finished six of them. I came damn close with the last two- well, actually, I can't say that with any amount of certainty so I'll just say that I worked hard on the last two but just couldn't make them work in time.

This brings up an interesting conversation The Man and I were having this week. It deals with an announcement I'm not quite ready to make (or even totally commit to) but the gist of the conversation was The Man's point of view that if I claim to have done my best and yet haven't reached the goal I set out to reach, I haven't done my best, have I?

And, to be totally honest, I didn't do my best with this particular writing goal this particular week. There were a lot of distractions (so many new blogs, so little time) and I didn't budget my time well enough.

But I don't know if I like the all encompassing idea that my best isn't my best if I don't achieve what I set out to do. Isn't it possible to do your absolute best with something (as judged by yourself, I suppose, because only you would know) but still fall short? Or am I just trying to give myself an out for future failures?

Anyone else confused yet?

Here are the new goals for this week:

1. Do not kill any customers or co-workers who managed to get on my nerves this week.

It's vacation week in the Mount Washington Valley and for the first time in like a decade, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are on school vacation the same week. Normally, this is spread out over the course of two weeks so while it's rather busy, it's manageable. This week will be like some kind of perfect storm of people and will be so busy that The Store even put me on the schedule. We'll be tired, we'll be busy, kids will be running and screaming, tempers will be short and blood pressures will be high. I hereby resolve to NOT kill anyone.

2. Do not hang myself during the viewing of Never Say Never: The Justin Bieber Story.

Is that even what it's called? I honestly don't know. But the fact remains that I'm taking my niece to see the Justin Bieber movie this week. In 3-D. Did you know that this damn movie is one hour and forty five minutes long? How is Justin Bieber old enough to justify a nearly two hour movie?

3. Finish Schism. Or die trying.

Two chapters to go. Maybe between work and Justin Bieber, I'll find the time to get them done.

So that does it for me today. I have to run and take the dogs outside now because they very desperately need to go and The Man is refusing to do it because it's cold. No, this doesn't make me want to kick him very hard somewhere very sensitive. Not at all.

Happy Monday, all. May you all have productive weeks.


  1. I contend that the purpose of goals is to motivate, NOT to beat yourself up. The MAN (like most men) may need some lessons in support on that front... I suggest making him wear lingerie (but that's sort of my solution to any man who needs training). Had you not worked on it at all, that would be another matter, but in reality you achieved 3/4 COMPLETLEY and the last 3/4: In my calculations, that is a 93.75%, or an A. (Good luck with next weeks--particularly that anti-homicide one)

  2. Thanks for weighing in! I appreciate it.