Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sports and Award Shows

Oh boy. The Pats are scheduled to take on the New York Jets in roughly two hours and I already need a paper bag in which to breathe. I am in need of a distraction. Thus the blog. It's going to be a hodgepodge blog which shall touch upon a number of topics, whatever pops into my head as I watch the Chicago Bears take on the Seattle Seahawks.

I don't have any vested interests in this game, as far as who comes out on top, just like I didn't really have any real interest in who won yesterday's games. Well, I did hope the Pittsburgh Steelers would lose because I don't like the Steelers very much but I have to admit they played one hell of a second half. The Green Bay Packers played one hell of a game, from start to finish. Good for them. I did find myself wishing that Joe and I had actually gotten around to buying that new television for our bedroom so I could watch the second half of that game from my bed instead of on a couch crowded by dogs.

Letting them on the couch seemed like such a fun idea at the time. But don't tell Joe I said that.

Have you seen this video? It's a middle school football game somewhere in America (I have no idea where). I think this is a brilliant play and I honestly don't know why more pro teams haven't given it a shot. Check it out:

In other football related news, The Store's holiday party is coming up next Sunday. How is this football related you might ask? Well, I'll tell you.. I was originally told the party was this Sunday (you know, as in today) so I told management that I would be unable to attend because I would be out of town. It seemed more polite to just outright lie than to say something like, "I'd rather tangle with a pack of wild, hungry jackals than attend this gathering." But management being management pulled a switcharoo and decided to have the party on January 23rd instead. When I went to work this week, the Store Manager asked me if I was going to go. And while I decided to not go with the jackal excuse, I did have a pretty good one.

"No," I said. "The AFC championship is being played that day and there's no power in the 'verse that'll pull me away from my television."

Then she said the words that got me thisclose to quitting my job.

"Even if the Pats aren't in it?" she asked.

After I finished scraping my brains off the ceiling, I said, "Why would you say something like that? What is wrong with you? What, are you like a Jets fan or something?"

"No, I'm just saying-"

"No. No saying. There will be no saying of any kind," I said. "And if the Pats, somehow, aren't in the AFC championship game on the 23rd, you're still not going to want me at that party."

"Even with a week to get over it?"

"I'm sorry, but have we met?" I asked. "I'm still not over that whole 2007 Superbowl experience."

And besides, I just really don't want to go. It's not just me. There's a large number of the staff who doesn't want to go. Unfortunately, they don't have my ability to be an insensitive jerk so they just nod and tell management they'll be there. Then they complain to me about it. And no matter how many times I tell them that management can't make them go and can't penalize them for not going, they still feel trapped.

But not me.

So, anyway, after the football games wrap up tonight, the Golden Globes are on. I like to watch the Golden Globes. The winners have all been drinking and that generally makes for fun speeches. I'm not sure who the nominees are but I have been working through my list of potential Oscar nominees (thank goodness Heather's working part time at the movie theater. That means I get in to see free movies!!). I'd like to see Haliee Stienfeld from True Grit receive an award but she didn't receive a nomination. Talk about an oversight. So I think I'd like to see Christian Bale and Melissa Leo win for their roles in The Fighter.

I don't know if you've seen this movie. It's a boxing drama starring the above two as well as Amy Adams and Marky Mark (Poor Mark Wahlberg. No matter how many serious movies he does, he'll always be Marky Mark to me.). It's really quite fantastic and I was blown away by Christian Bale and Melissa Leo. They inhabited these characters and were just so damn real that you forget that Christian Bale is actually Christian Bale. Same with Melissa Leo. Un. Real. If you have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it.

I don't think I have any opinions on the television side of the Golden Globes. Well, that's not true. I do. I don't think Piper Perabo has any business being nominated for best actress for her role in USA's Cover Affairs. That show is ridiculous and I can't believe there wasn't some actress out there somewhere in TV land more deserving of that nomination.

I hope Chris Colfer wins for his role on Glee because I think he's done fantastic work. I also like Scott Caan and he is the only reason why I watch Hawaii 5-0 (well, Alex O'Laughlin's abs aren't bad either) but I'll be disappointed if Chris doesn't win.

I love Jim Parsons (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory) and the entire cast of Modern Family. But I think 30 Rock is also quite wonderful. Hugh Laurie always gives a great speech when he wins but I'd love to see Michael C. Hall win for Dexter. I don't know if you watch this show but it's out of this world. The premise, in case you're unfamiliar with it, is that Dexter is a blood spatter analysis for the police. In his spare time, he's a serial killer. Sure, he has a code and only kills bad people like other less socially conscious serial killers or child molesters and the like, but the fact remains that he's a serial killer. And you spend each and every episode rooting for this guy and hoping beyond hope that he won't get caught. Crazy awesome. My (sort of) mother-in-law has just started watching this show and she loves it.'s now coming up on 3pm, EST. I wonder what else I can blog about...

Just kidding. I'm going to stop here. I'm going to take the dogs outside to run in our newly fallen snow (it looks like Professor Terrible's PPP is definitely on the fritz. Last night we were supposed to get a dusting and ended up with three inches. Oops.) so they'll be nice and tired and asleep during the Big Game.

LET'S GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I hate the Ravens and was happy with the outcome even though the game itself was too tense to enjoy watching.
    And the Patriots will beat the Jets. And then beat the Steelers. We all know it's going to happen.

  2. I'm with Alex. I'm not a Steelers fan but I hate the Ravens too. My husband hates the Pats but I kind of like them.
    My oldest son is a high school football coach and I called him to watch that football play. Of course he had already seen it. He's the defensive coordinator and says he's know someone will try it next season so he'll have his boys ready for it.

  3. Yep. It's over all right. Start up the suicide watch. New England's going to need it...