Thursday, January 13, 2011

Round And Round

Eight days ago, I made the radical decision to cut four entire chapters from my WIP, Second Nature. Three days after that, I made the decision to put one back in. Three days after that, I decided to put them all back in, just rewritten with more show and less tell.

That was Monday. I have since spent the remainder of my writing time this week attempting to do just that and- well, failing.

Which brings us to today. Where I have decided to once again cut them out.

I really wish I could make up my mind on this subject. I'm sure the character to whom these scenes belong wishes I could make up my mind on this subject as well. He's probably quite tired of showing up and jumping through hoops only to be shunted aside. Over and over and over again. Well, I'd just like to assure him that I'm not having any better of a time.

But it's his fault, really. I mean, if he had only just behaved himself in Effigy, I wouldn't be having this problem now. I'd be sitting somewhere enjoying tea and crumpets (well, probably not because I'm not exactly a fan of either of those) instead of sitting at my desk surrounded by draft upon draft of the same four chapters, trying to hammer out the one or whatever Frankenstein's Monster type concoction of the four needs to be in the damn book.

I keep wanting to move on and work on something else while my brain puzzles over this dilemma somewhere in the background but I'm just not having any luck with that. I have it in my head that if I could only just work this one problem out, figure out what to do with this one character arc in this one part of the novel, that the whole rest of the thing will just explode into page upon page of wonderful prose. It'll be the last roadblock standing in the way of me and the conclusion of- well, of this section.

But still, that would be something.


  1. That sounds complicated. I hope those problems stop throwing roadblocks in your way and resolve themselves!

  2. I think I'd be completely confused at this point...