Monday, January 3, 2011

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Someone somewhere in the blogosphere is getting bloggers everywhere to post pictures of things that inspire them or make them smile or something. I've seen both floating around out there and since I am the very definition of a follower, I am going to play along.

I decided to post pictures that have inspired me, writing wise. The first is taken from the BBC's production of Robin Hood. It reminds me a lot of the two male leads in my novel, Effigy and its sequel Second Nature. There's just something about it that reaches out and grabs me, something that gives off an emotion that I hope I'm capturing in writing. I don't even know if it speaks only to me (wouldn't be the first time) or if other people can see it too. Anyway, here it is:

The second picture comes from painter Frederick William Burton (1816-1900) and is called The Meeting on the Turret Stairs. People who know me well will likely associate it with the love story in Effigy. It's not a perfect fit but I still love it.

And finally, I am going to post two pictures that make me think of Second Nature's main character, Cate. The first comes from the 2004 movie King Arthur. Not a great movie, by any means, but it did have some good action and presented audiences with a Guinevere who could kick ass and take names. She was played by Kiera Knightley and this particular shot speaks volumes to me:

The very last picture I am going to post here I don't know a lot about. I found it doing a Google image search and then today, while trying to find it again so that I could offer you more information about its origin, I couldn't seem to track it down. But I really, really love it. Some of you might recognize it from Facebook or Blogger because it's been in both places. Because, once again, I really, really love it.

All right, I lied. I have decided I wanted to post one more picture. This is also one about which I know very little. It was also a lucky Google image search. Beautiful and moving and everything I want my work to be:

Okay, I'm finished. I swear. If anyone knows anything about those last two pictures and feels like telling me, please do!


  1. You were seeing the Eyecandy Blogfest photos this weekend!
    And the last image says 'regret' to me...

  2. Thanks, Alex, for letting me know what I was seeing.

    And if my novel goes where I think it will (not that it's ever done that, mind you), regret would fit perfectly.

  3. Awesome inspiration, M. Thanks! Particularly loved the Turret Stairs. That one's new to me.