Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movies, Television and Vader. Oh My.

There is so much ground I want to cover today. I woke up feeling energized- well, all right, not energized. I stayed up late last night and got up early this morning so I am most definitely not energized but I am feeling strangely optimistic so we're going to ride this thing out and see where it takes us.

And right now it's taking us to the two movies I saw recently. They're both Oscar contenders. This is the time of year when I traditionally try to see as many such films as possible because I love the Academy awards. A stupid thing to love, I know, but there it is. I used to be really good at picking the winners too. I haven't really done that for a couple of years now but maybe I'll start up again this year. I'm sure you can hardly wait.

Anyway, the first movie I watched was The Kids Are All Right starring Anette Benning and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple whose children seek out their sperm doner father played by Mark Ruffalo. I hate spoilers so I'm not going to go more into the story than that. The critics loved this movie. Everyone loved this movie. Me...not so much. I mean, it was fine, I guess. There were parts that made me laugh and parts that made me really feel for the characters but I wasn't satisfied with the resolution or, you know, the lack thereof. I felt like it needed another act tacked on at the end to resolve some of the questions that popped up during the actual last act. I'm all for stories that leave things hanging, don't get me wrong, but I felt like this movie left too much hanging.

The second movie is True Grit starring Jeff Bridges (amazing) and Matt Damon (surprising and wonderful) and introduces Hailee Steinfeld as fourteen year old Mattie Ross. It's a fantastic Coen Brothers movie and I really enjoyed it so much. It was funny and tense and so well acted and directed. Loved it. And it also happens to be educational. While reading the credits (a habit I know annoys the people who go to the movies with me), Heather and I discovered that Matt Damon had an abs double on this film.

This raised a couple of questions. First of all: Matt Damon needed an abs double? Second of all: His abs (or whoever's abs were- we didn't catch the name and the projectionist wouldn't rewind the film for me) were in the movie? I have a real thing for a well developed six pack and I would have noticed a half naked Matt Damon. This means I'm going to have to watch the movie a second time (not that that'll be a chore or anything) to solve this mystery.

But the most important question is this (and comes in two parts): where do I get my own abs double and is any of the cast of Dancing With The Stars available (those women have some seriously awesome abs)? Forget this whole working out thing. I'm getting me an abs double.


When I arrived home from the movies last night, I settled in to watch some television. There was a new episode of How I Met Your Mother on last night and I had recorded it because of the movie. It was called "Bad News" and this next blurb will contain spoilers so if you're a fan (and if you're not, you really should be) but haven't yet watched this episode, you might want to skip down a couple of paragraphs. Go ahead...I'll let you know when it's safe again.

The episode started with a countdown. It was very subtle, just the number 50 sitting on a doctor's desk as Lily and Marshall talk about their inability to conceive. By the time I saw the 48 in the third scene, I knew something was up. Joe, who had watched the episode live and was now watching it for the second time with me, was surprised because he hadn't noticed it. So we spent the rest of this completely hysterical episode looking for the numbers as we counted down to something as yet unknown. And then, right at the end, this legendary sitcom once again managed to pull out the rug from under our feet. I don't know what news I'd been expecting, especially the hilarity that had come before it, but the news we got was from a tearful Lily telling Marshall that his father had a heart attack and passed away. Color me shocked and surprised. Damn, I love this show. Really well done. Plus, Alexis Denisnoff (Wesley from BtVS and Angel) returned as Sandy Rivers. And again I have to say: Legendary.


The other television related subject I wanted to bring up is that tonight on the SyFy channel, they are airing the final five episodes of the brilliant yet low rated Battlestar Galactica spin off, Caprica. It starts at 6pm and goes to 11pm. I'm really looking forward to it because I've been one of the (apparent) few who have really enjoyed this show (gee, I wonder how many more times I can use the word 'really'). I will be sad that it'll actually be over. I hear tale that there will be another BSG spin off coming out some time this year called Blood and Chrome and chronicles young William Adama in the first cylon wars. I'm not much of a Sci-Fi fan, not really, but my sister-in-law's father recommended BSG to me (the reboot, not the original) and I fell in love with it. So yeah, I'm going to watch its spin offs. Please get Blood and Chrome out soon, SyFy. Psych and Burn Notice are both on hiatus after all...


Last but not least, the continuing tale of my chlamydia ridden feline. Poor kitten.

When we last looked in on Vader, she was on some sort of quest to drown herself in her water dish and take the rest of us down with her. Today, she's living in the half bath off the kitchen wishing she actually had Darth Vader's power to use the force to choke us all without laying a paw on us.

Our vet said when we started the first round of antibiotics that she would most likely relapse and that, when this happened, we should once again break out the eye ointment he prescribed to knock the infection back. The problem was the eye ointment caused an allergic reaction that made everything worse and caused Vader's face to swell up like a balloon. So Sunday morning when I noticed that Vader had indeed started to backslide into a relapse (more gunk coming out of her eyes...hip, hip hurray!), I was forced to call the vet again (seriously, this man is going to stop taking my calls) to what what we should do.

The answer was more antibiotics. Vader who, by the way, has just started to regain her appetite (we'll take care of that!) is thrilled beyond belief.

Well, that about does it for me today. I am in the midst of slicing and dicing my WIP. Next up? Julienne fries!

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  1. I normally block out half naked men in my movies, but I definitely do not remember seeing Damon's abs at any point.
    And your poor kitty...