Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Hereby Resolve...

I know I said in my last post that I'd be publishing my new set of goals yesterday but white wine is an evil thing (at least it is when you drink as much of it as I did on New Year's Eve) and both Joe and I were a little too challenged by the vertical aspects of life on New Year's Day to do much of anything other than cry like little hungover babies. As a result, I didn't quite get that 2011 goal list done. So I'm doing it today. Better late than never, right?

I had been hoping to add 'make better decisions' to my list this year but as I ushered in 2011 with the decision to open that fourth bottle of wine (bad, bad idea) followed by today's decision to use my 50% off coupon at Borders to buy yet another vampire romance novel instead of my copy of 2011 Writer's Market (I honestly forgot. I am ashamed of myself) I might do better to leave that whole decision making thing off the list completely.

Because, as I discussed last time, 2011 is all about rebuilding my sense of self confidence. I really think I ht rock bottom in 2010 whereas self confidence is concerned. At least I hope I hit rock bottom because I'd hate to think I could actually feel worse about myself. Yes, my sense of self worth is in the toilet. Actually, it's probably more in the u-bend so yeah, I'd like to improve that.

Originally, I thought I'd set goals like "get out of bed every morning" because since I don't like it when the dogs use my carpet as a toilet, there's a good chance I will, in fact, get out of bed every morning (although I was sorely tempted to skip the whole rise and shine thing yesterday) all year long and, come December 31st, I would have achieved one of my goals.

But as this year is about ego boosting and whatever, I think it's important that I set quality goals. No gimme goals. This is risky because if I can't pull it out, I'm going to be in big trouble a year from now. The other problem is I have no idea what goals I should set because I was really committed to that whole gimme list until I actually started working on this blog.

Maybe that means I haven't quite given up on myself yet. Oh Happy Day.

So I guess, first things first, I need a writing goal and that goal should be to come up with a game plan or a business plan or whatever it should be called. I am going to come up with a strategy to get myself and my work to the next level. I am going to research the possible paths. I am going to pick a path and I am going to stick with the path. Now I feel nauseated and I don't think it's the white wine's fault.

What if I pick the wrong path?

Great. Now I can't breathe. Where's that paper bag my wine came in?

All right...distraction. Let's think of other goals.

2. Train to run a 5K. I don't necessarily want to run a 5K but I'd like to know I'm capable of running a 5K. I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing this but I'll Google it. Or something.

3. Read books I haven't read before. I am notorious for re-reading books but this year I am not going to do that. I am only going to read new-to-me books. The only exception to this rule will be the re-reading of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows this July before I go see the second half of the movie.

4. Participate in NaNoWriMo 2011. I know my 2010 project was not what I had hoped it would be but I will not let that stop me from trying for a three-peat.

5. Continue to work on that de-cluttering project, starting with the walk-in closet that has just become a catch all for things we no longer wear. I will follow it up by trying to solve my lack of book shelves problem. And then, after that, who the hell knows.

All right. So there they are. My five goals for 2011. Well, make that six goals. I'm adding one more:

Do NOT usher in 2012 with four bottles of wine. Or three bottles of wine. Or two bottles of wine for that matter.

Live and learn, kids. Live and learn.

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  1. First off, I really miss Calvin and Hobbes. *sigh*

    Ok, on to the next. These are good goals. I'm too terrified to make any writing goals this year. I've gone from serious intentions to flakey hobbyist with my writing. My self confidence (re my writing) is in the crapper too. Maybe we should start a U bend 12 step program. Step one, rise up to the toilet bowl.

    You've accomplished a bunch with your writing this year. Maybe not everything you set out to do, but forward progress is forward progress. I.E. Even if you didn't like your NaNo project, you completed NaNoWriMo. So give yourself some credit.

    Good luck and yeah, definitely keep that last goal for sure.