Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vader and the Overpowering Thirst

Vader is obsessed with water.

I don't know why exactly this is, although I suspect it has something to do with the antibiotics she's been taking. We finished the last dose just the other day so I'm waiting to see if something changes with her, if she suddenly (or even gradually) becomes more interested in eating (I haven't seen her eat anything since the beginning of the month) and less interested in flooding the entire house.

Because when I say she's obsessed with water, I mean she's obsessed with water.

Her new favorite hobby is the dumping out of water dishes. Hers and the dogs so multiple times a day, I have to go and mop up the kitchen floor where the dogs' dishes are and mop off my dining room table when the cats' dish is. Thank goodness for my microfiber tablecloth, the kind where the spills just bead right up so nicely. And thank goodness my brother and sister-in-law took pity on me this Christmas and purchased for me a second microfiber tablecloth.

Vader has also taken to napping in my bathroom sink and just yesterday decided to join me (twice) when I was in the shower. She climbed in right at the start of the shower, walked around a bit and then climbed back out. Then, just before I was finished, she decided to rejoin me. And spent most of the afternoon just sitting there.

This is weird, right?

But gets weirder.

The doors on our bathrooms don't close right and the pets have figured out that if they apply the right amount of force to a closed door, there's a good chance they can get inside. The dogs do it because well, because they're mommy obsessed dogs who seem to think there's some secret back door escape hatch in that room through which I might go and leave them behind. There isn't.

Fat Cat does it because she's annoying. Fat Cat wants attention and food (sometimes in that order) and seems to understand that if she meows at you long enough, she'll get you to give her something to shut her up. Vader, on the other hand, never really started doing it until she started these antibiotics. Maybe this is her way of getting payback or something. Maybe the antibiotics have caused such an overwhelming craving for water that she can't help herself. Or maybe she really has syphilis (which I'm sure is different in cats than it is in people...) and has reached the insanity portion of her disease.

Whatever the reason, she's into breaking down the bathroom doors now. Yesterday, after she shower thing, she tried to get into the toilet. Joe reports that she did the same thing to him this morning. She just pushed her way into the bathroom and then forced her way between Joe's legs in order to get to the toilet.

Strangest. Cat. Ever.

So right now we're in holding pattern. Me, armed with mega rolls of paper towels and Joe, sitting on the couch, reading a magazine and carefully ignoring the insanity surrounding him while indulging in daydreams of him being anywhere but here.

And Vader? Vader is trying to mount an assault on the turtle tank.

I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.


  1. What's the fun in normal pets?
    Does the vet have any idea when it will all stop?
    And dig the last line!

  2. Chris- I have two cats and two dogs...unless you're also counting their multiple personalities. Then I have more like six each. And, despite the insanity, I'd have at least two more dogs if I could convince Joe give in.

    Alex- Vader has managed to stump the vet. She's been having a lot of reactions to a lot of things that are just not normal. Thus the wait and see philosophy. Just hope my paper towels hold out...