Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Quiz You've All Been Waiting For...

Here it is, kids. The Firefly/Serenity quotes quiz. I am embarrassingly excited to be doing this. It was a great excuse to watch the entire series over again. It was a great excuse to watch the movie over again. This adventure also led to what may be the greatest quote really also ever. Joe, in the midst of one episode said, "You don't f*&k with Captain Tightpants."

I was so very proud.

You all know the Quote Quiz rules by now but as this is a very specific quiz, there are some minor addendums (is that not a word? My word processor is saying that 'addendums' is not a word. What's the plural of 'addendum'? Anyone?). You don't have to name the show because they all come from the same show. Some of the quotes will have come from the movie, however, so you will have to discern that. Name the episode in which the quote appears as well as the speaker of the quote. For extra points, you can tell a little bit about the situation. And, yes, some of these quotes will be painfully obvious but they were just too good to leave out.

If you win (Alison, care to try for a three-peat?), you can name the next Quote Quiz subject (as long as it involves Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Ready to play? Great...let's begin.

1. I could kill you with my brain.

2. If wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak.

3. They tell you never hit a man with a closed fist but it is, on occasion, hilarious.

4. I can be terse. Once in flight school I was laconic.

5. The hell with this! I'm gonna live!

6. Every well bred petty crook knows the small concealable weapons always go to the far left of the place setting.

7. Jayne, we're robbing the place. Not occupying it.

8. I'll be in my bunk.

9. I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.

10. I'm sorry if she tipped anyone off about your cunningly concealed herd of cattle.

11. River, honey, he's putting the hair away now.

12. He looked bigger when I couldn't see him.

13. Mine is an evil laugh!

14. Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

15. You can't stop the signal.

I could, of course, do this all day long but it's November and I have a NaNoWriMo project awaiting my attention. And some of you, most of you, probably have jobs and families and the like awaiting your attention. So have fun, get your answers in and I'll post all the results in a couple of days.

Oh, and one last thing:

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  1. I'll be playing again but I saw this too late tonight. Shoot! I plan to be undefeated but we'll see how Jake does...

    Loved the tribute of the tribute!